Christopher Meloni’s ‘Celebrity Jeopardy’ Strategy Was Cleverly Evil (Full information in the comment 👇👇👇)

Christopher Meloni’s ‘Celebrity Jeopardy’ Strategy Was Cleverly Evil


Christopher Meloni, renowned for his role as NYPD Detective Elliot Stabler in “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,” has been a fixture on television screens for decades. Recently, he shared insights with Interview Magazine about his experiences on the iconic game show, “Celebrity Jeopardy!”

A Winning Strategy

Meloni recalled his memorable appearances on “Celebrity Jeopardy!” noting, “I did it twice. One time it was a Law & Order–themed thing, and [the actors] Katie Erbe and Sam Waterston thought I was playing possum because I was horrible in the warmup round.” Despite a shaky start in the warmup, Meloni asserted his dominance when the real game began, triumphing over his fellow actors.

Giving Back

During his successful 2006 stint on the show, Meloni showcased his intellectual prowess and philanthropic spirit. He generously donated his $50,000 winnings to two deserving charities: the Big Apple Circus Clown Care Program and the Montefiore Advocacy Center, demonstrating his commitment to supporting community causes.

Continued Influence

While his subsequent appearance in 2009 didn’t yield the same victory, Meloni’s impact on “Celebrity Jeopardy!” and his charitable contributions remain memorable. As Meloni continues to captivate audiences on the spinoff series “Law & Order: Organized Crime,” fans speculate on his potential return to the game show, especially amidst its rotating lineup of guest hosts.

Stay tuned as Christopher Meloni continues to make waves both on-screen and off, embodying his dedication to entertainment and philanthropy with equal fervor.


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