‘Law & Order: SVU’: 5 of the Dumbest Things Said on the Show, According to Fans (Full information in the comment 👇👇👇)

‘Law & Order: SVU’: 5 Of The Dumbest Things Said On The Show, According To Fans


For over two decades, “Law & Order: SVU” has been a staple on NBC, tackling critical issues with sensitivity and depth. However, even a show as beloved as SVU has had its share of less-than-stellar moments. Here are some of the “dumbest” lines fans have highlighted from the series.

1. Rollins’ Elevator Fear in Season 13, Episode 6

In the Season 13 episode titled “True Believers,” a young music student alleges she was sexually assaulted at gunpoint in her building’s elevator. As the SVU team reviews the surveillance footage, Amanda Rollins (Kelli Giddish) comments on her dislike for elevators. One fan on Reddit found her reasoning particularly dumb, quoting Rollins’ dialogue: “That’s why I hate elevators, you know? No, no girl’s gonna smile at some stranger who tries to get into her car.” The line left fans scratching their heads at its awkward delivery and questionable logic.

2. Stabler’s Banana Query in Season 1, Episode 12

In “Russian Love Poem,” Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) and Elliot Stabler (Christopher Meloni) investigate the murder of a millionaire known for his liaisons with escorts. During an interview, Stabler asks one of the escorts about the bizarre circumstances of the murder: “Did you put the banana in Andrew’s rear end?” The escort’s reply, “Yes, he is allergic to bananas. But if that killed him, it was an honest mistake,” led to one Reddit fan admitting they “loudly cackle at that line. Every. Time.”

3. Gaming Gone Wrong in Season 16, Episode 14

In the episode “Intimidation Game,” Rollins encounters a victim at a gaming convention who reveals she was targeted because women aren’t welcomed in the gaming world. When Rollins inquires about the attack, the victim responds, “They leveled up.” This line sparked ridicule from fans, with one Redditor stating, “You can tell that NONE of the writers have any idea about gaming. Dumbest, most cringe quote of the entire series, in my opinion.”

4. Olivia’s Pickle Stabbing in Season 12, Episode 5

In the episode titled “Wet,” Olivia gets loopy after inhaling fumes from a pot of boiling poisonous mushrooms. During an interrogation, she erratically shouts, “I’m not the one who stabbed the Captain with a pickle,” before passing out. A Reddit fan criticized the line, saying, “The reason I think it’s stupid is because that isn’t how people talk when they are confused from drugs of any kind lol. Perfectly normal cadence and rhythm but just random words inserted.”

5. Internet and Social Media Blunders

“Law & Order: SVU” often pulls storylines from real-life internet and social media issues, but sometimes, the execution falls flat. Fans have criticized the show’s fake version of Facebook, called “Face Union,” and its handling of deep web references. The Season 23 episode, “Fast Times @TheWheelhouse,” particularly stood out for its cringe-worthy portrayal. As one Redditor noted, “I think it’s hard for writers to write about things with which they are not familiar without sounding cringe. Those episodes are often very hyperbolic and snark-worthy.”


While “Law & Order: SVU” continues to be a groundbreaking and influential show, it’s not immune to the occasional cringe-worthy moment. Whether it’s awkward dialogue, misguided attempts at capturing internet culture, or just plain bizarre lines, these moments remind us that even our favorite shows can sometimes miss the mark. Despite these missteps, “Law & Order: SVU” remains a beloved series with a dedicated fanbase, ready to forgive and laugh at its occasional blunders.


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