‘Law & Order: SVU’: Donal Logue Teased Declan Murphy Return in ‘What We Do in the Shadows’ Episode (Full information in the comment 👇👇👇)

‘Law & Order: SVU’: Donal Logue Teased Declan Murphy Return In ‘What We Do In The Shadows’ Episode


A beloved character is set to make a comeback on “Law & Order: SVU.” Donal Logue will reprise his role as Lt. Declan Murphy in an upcoming episode, bringing excitement to fans who have missed his presence on the show. This news was subtly teased during Logue’s guest appearance on FX’s comedy “What We Do in the Shadows,” leaving SVU fans eagerly anticipating his return.

Donal Logue’s Return Slated for January 2022

According to TVLine, Logue will appear in an episode of “Law & Order: SVU” airing in January 2022. While specific plot details remain under wraps, it’s confirmed that Lt. Murphy will assist Capt. Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) and the SVU team in tackling a series of hate crimes in New York City. Additionally, Ari’el Stachel, who portrayed Sgt. Hasim Khaldun in seasons 21 and 22, will also feature in the same episode, promising a thrilling storyline.

Lt. Declan Murphy’s History on ‘Law & Order: SVU’

Logue’s character, Lt. Declan Murphy, has had a significant presence on “Law & Order: SVU” from seasons 15 to 17. As an undercover cop, Murphy temporarily took over as SVU’s commanding officer during the intense William Lewis saga before returning to his undercover duties. Murphy is also known as the father of Amanda Rollins’ (Kelli Giddish) daughter, Jesse, adding a personal layer to his character’s storyline.

A Clever Tease in ‘What We Do in the Shadows’

Astute fans of “What We Do in the Shadows” may have caught on to Logue’s impending SVU return. Logue appeared in the final two episodes of the vampire comedy’s third season, playing a fictionalized version of himself. In a humorous twist, Logue reveals he became a vampire after his role in the 1998 film “Blade” and now serves on the Worldwide Vampiric Council while moonlighting as a portrait painter.

During one of his interview segments, Logue dropped a subtle hint about his SVU comeback. “When the gang here said that they needed a new portrait done, I said I’d be more than happy to stick around and do it because I had some downtime between the next meeting of the Worldwide Vampiric Council and a two-episode arc I booked on SVU next month,” he said, blending comedy with a sly nod to his real-world acting commitments.

Embracing the Joke: Logue’s Lighthearted Self-Deprecation

Logue’s willingness to poke fun at himself was appreciated by “What We Do in the Shadows” writer Ben Simms, who praised the actor’s enthusiasm. “Donal was great because so much of what he did was ad-libbing stuff that was perfect, about just being a working actor and having to self-tape for a Law & Order part, and a lot of those details,” Simms told Collider. He noted that while some actors might be hesitant to play a parody of themselves, Logue embraced the humor wholeheartedly. “He got it immediately. He was really laughing at it. But it was one of those scripts where, when I sent it to him, I was worried that he would go, ‘Are they making fun of me for being a journeyman actor?’ But he loved it, so that was fun.”

Looking Forward to Lt. Murphy’s Return

As anticipation builds, fans of “Law & Order: SVU” are eagerly awaiting the January episode featuring Logue’s return. His character, Lt. Declan Murphy, has been a memorable part of the SVU universe, and his reappearance promises to bring both nostalgic and new elements to the series. With the addition of Ari’el Stachel’s Sgt. Khaldun, the episode is set to be a riveting continuation of the show’s legacy.

Tune in to “Law & Order: SVU” on Thursday nights on NBC to catch the latest episodes and witness the return of Donal Logue as Lt. Declan Murphy.


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