A Royal Retreat: Messi and Family’s Luxurious Getaway in Riyadh, Unveiling the Country’s Most Opulent Hotel

A Royal Retreat: Messi and Family’s Luxurious Getaway in Riyadh, Unveiling the Country’s Most Opulent Hotel

A legend in the sport of football from Argentina, Lionel Messi, is currently in Saudi Arabia.

Messi family Riyadh trip: Via Riyadh

With his family, the forward for Paris Saint-Germain is currently in the Kingdom. On the first of May, they arrived in Riyadh for a tour that would last for two days.

Leo Messi in Saudi with his family: playing a popular board game called Carrom


Carrom, a traditional board game, was one of the activities that Leo Messi attended with his family while they were in Saudi Arabia.The Messi family spent their first day in the Saudi capital at a farm, where they were greeted and offered a traditional Saudi breakfast. After that, they fed an Arabian gazelle and learned about the reintroduction effort that the Kingdom is working on for the animal. Not only did the Messis acquire the skills necessary to play Carrom, a classic board game, but they also gained knowledge on the art of palm weaving and its extensive history.

Leo Messi in Saudi with his family: feeding an Arabian Gazelle

A Saudi Arabian gazelle is being fed by Leo Messi and his family, who are now in Saudi Arabia.In addition to enjoying a good time and playing games at Boulevard Riyadh City, the family spent the second day of their trip touring the soon-to-be-opened dining and retail destination known as Via Riyadh.

A trip to Diriyah and a meal at Bujairi Terrace were also on the Messis’ itinerary while they were in the Saudi capital.

Messi family Riyadh trip: Diriyah

Families of Messi A journey to Riyadh was taken by DiriyahLionel Messi in May of 2022, following his appointment as the Saudi Tourism Ambassador.

Messi spent his first tour doing things like going to the Jeddah Season festival and touring the city that is located on the Red Sea.

Messi and his family are making their second trip to Saudi Arabia in order to conduct additional research related to the matter. According to our opinion, these are the most important Saudi attractions that they ought to go to.

A Messi Saudi visit is coming soon


A visit by Messi to Saudi Arabia is scheduled to take place later this month.The sport of football is the most popular in Saudi Arabia. The addition of Cristiano Ronaldo, a Portuguese star, has recently resulted in a significant increase in the number of fans that support Al Nassr. Additionally, Saudi Arabia has recently been awarded the right to host the FIFA Club World Cup.


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