Adele Reveals Why Taylor Swift Makes the NFL “More Fun to Watch”

Taylor Swift đeo vòng tay có số áo đấu của bạn trai mới - Ngôi sao

Adele might not be the biggest American football fan, but during a recentl concert, she proved to be a major Swiftie. In a video posted on X by a fan account, the superstar singer took a minute from her Las Vegas residency to talk about the Super Bowl, which is happening right now in Sin City. During Adele’s show on Saturday night, she explained that everyone complaining about how much Taylor Swift is pulling attention from the play on the field needs to, ahem, calm down.

“I think I want the Chiefs to win,” Adele said in the clip, referring to the team that Swift’s been supporting ever since she started dating tight end Travis Kelce. The comment earned her a round of applause.

And all of you that are complaining about Taylor being at the game, get a fucking life — it’s her fucking boyfriend!” she added, which also earned another wave of cheers from the audience. “It’s actually made it a bit more enjoyable to watch, because like I said I have no idea what’s going on.”

Though some critics have been vocal about how much the NFL has been cutting to Swift during football games, Deadline reports that during the Chiefs vs. Ravens game on Jan. 28, the singer was only on screen for 44 seconds, meaning that 99.61% of the game was Swift-free. So, any haters should fall in line with Adele’s declaration and just enjoy the game if that’s why they’re tuning in. And as for Swifties like Adele, having the songstress perched up in the VIP suite is just the cherry on top of the action on the field.

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