Adult movie stars were asked which NFL and NBA players they had s** with, and they all responded with the same team.

It should not be shocking that athletes would be in the messages of s*xy women, and it doesn’t matter what that woman does for a living, the men will come calling.

During a recent pornstar event, one lady claims she had a lot of NFL players in her dm’s,

but she stated it was an NBA player who she ultimately slept with.

She would not reveal the name but stated the player was on the Lakers’ roster.

“…I’ve had a lot of NFL players in my DMs. i have had s*x with an NBA player and it was 10 stars.

“Do we get to say the team or..?”

“Lakers,” she responded.

The next girl also claimed to have a Lakers player in her dms as well.

Naturally, everybody is going to go with the most popular players on the team, but there is no way of actually knowing unless these girls decided to expose the guys on the team. If they are single, then it won’t be anything to expose. If they have a girl or are married, then things can get really bad for them at home.

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