Akshay Kumar Trolled Heavily For A Mistake In Samrat Prithviraj

Akshay Kumar’s every act these days is becoming food for trolls. Akshay’s new movie Samrat Prithviraj was released on June 3 and one of his posts related to the movie is ridiculed on the internet.

Akshay shared a picture from the film that shows the actor tied along with Sonu Sood, but the ropes are tied so loose that he can take them off easily. He got trolled for giving scope to such a silly mistake when he claims it to be a movie that needs some space in Indian school textbooks. The picture is going super viral and folks on social media are coming up with many jokes on the same.

Earlier, Akshay Kumar in an interview to promote the Samrat Prithviraj movie said that Indian school books did not have enough lines of Prithviraj and more lines on invaders. Twitter disagreed with him and trolled him badly. His statement ‘Students should be taught correct history’ has left Twitter in splits and that brought up the discussion on his education and his Canadian citizenship.

Akshay was also trolled for his heroines. There is a statistical graph that is going viral on the internet that represents Akshay’s movies in last 25 years, his age and his heroine’s age in the respective film, and finally the gap between the two in each movie. Akshay Kumar’s female lead in each movie is mostly around 25 to 30 years old and he is being criticized for acting with girls half his age, just like with Manushi Chillar in Prithviraj.

When the actor tweeted yesterday that it took 18 years of research to bring Samrat Prithviraj into cinemas, a troll replied that his heroine was 7 years old when the research began!

Well, it looks like the trolls are having a field day with Akshay Kumar’s promotion for the Samrat Prithviraj movie. On the collections side, Samrat Prithviraj had a disappointing start.

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