Antonela Roccuzzo and her latest big deal: She doesn’t need Leo Messi to succeed

Antonela Roccuzzo and her latest big deal: She doesn’t need Leo Messi to succeed

It is a playlist on Spotify with a selection of songs chosen by Antonela herself.

Antonela Roccuzzo and her latest big deal: She doesn't need Leo Messi to succeed

Lionel Messi is probably the best player in the history of soccer, with permission of a few who can also take that praise from many fans.

All lovers of this sport always want to know more about his life, and not only what he does on the field, but also beyond it.

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Lionel Messi and Antonela Rocuzzo dress up as factory employees to visit a new sponsor

It is clear and known by all who is his life partner, Antonela Roccuzzo. They met when they were both teenagers, but to this day they form a beautiful family together.

Antonela‘s life has always been linked to that of Messi, however, she has recently shown that she herself can shine by her own light and that she does not need to be related to her husband to be able to undertake business ventures.

Antonela Roccuzzo’s playlist for people who play sports

The latest great project of the Argentinean has as an ally, nothing more and nothing less, than the great company Spotify.

Roccuzzo visited Spotify a few days ago and reached an agreement to launch her own playlist with music for training.

An initiative that has not gone unnoticed by fitness lovers and even more so for her followers, who can now listen to a series of songs selected by her while doing sports.

Roccuzzo created a musical selection that defines her as a woman of courage and independence, but also, the simple fact of the agreement enhances her as a woman who knows how to find the opportunities that are put in front of her in the market.

Her social networks are an important part of her life and she has been able to create a huge community around them, which makes her shine with her own light.

Nothing more and nothing less than almost 40 million followers on Instagram, a real madness that makes her one of the influencers of the moment.

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