Antonela Roccuzzo announces new arrival to Messi family

The Argentinean’s wife always generates a lot of attention

Antonela Roccuzzo announces new arrival to Messi family

Although, on this occasion, what caught the attention was the announcement made by the Argentine businesswoman and model, sharing something very private about the family.

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It is known by all, after Messi declared it in the interview with Migue Granados, that both he and his partner are looking to have a girl, after the three boys they already have, Thiago, Mateo and Ciro.

All the fans are waiting for the announcement of this news, although they will have to keep waiting.

That said, Antonela has celebrated the arrival of a new member to the family that has touched all her followers.

Roccuzzo shared in networks the image of “Abu”, a dog, who has become the Messi family’s new pet.

It should be remembered that the family already had another dog, the well-known Hulk, who is in Barcelona.

“He is old, so we left him in the house we have there in Barcelona,” Messi admitted.

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