Asked about Taylor Swift’s new album, Katy Perry had a surprising answer.

After being “released” on April 19, Taylor Swift ‘s 11th studio album titled The Tortured Poets Department is still a “storm” on world music charts.

Asked about Taylor Swift’s new album, how did Katy Perry respond?

Recently, a clip appeared on social networks recording the moment singer Katy Perry answered a reporter about Taylor Swift’s new album. Specifically, when Katy Perry was asked if she had enjoyed The Tortured Poets Department by the singer born in 1981, the female singer immediately said: “Yes and the whole world is too, of course” (Temporarily translated: Yes, of course the whole world does ), accompanied by a radiant smile.

Katy Perry’s answer made both of their fan communities extremely excited, showing that the female singer quickly updates the “blockbusters” of the world music industry. It is known that Katy Perry and Taylor Swift had a conflict many years ago, but now the two have become close friends and the fact that Katy Perry has fully enjoyed the album The Tortured Poets Department proves that proof that the female singer is always ready to support Taylor Swift’s music products.

Remember at the end of February, when Taylor Swift held her The Eras Tour concert at Accor Stadium, Katy Perry caused a stir when she appeared in the VIP area to support Taylor Swift.

On her personal page, Katy Perry also continuously updates moments when the female singer enjoys Taylor Swift’s show, attracting great attention from fans.

In the moments that Katy Perry posted, the female singer’s expression when listening to Taylor Swift perform her “super hit” Bad Blood surprised many people, because Taylor Swift used this song to “kick” Katy Perry. There is a conflict between the two.

However, that is just the past, in the posted clip, Katy Perry not only widened her eyes in surprise, but the female singer also lip-synced the lyrics of this song perfectly, without missing a beat. This partly proves that the current relationship between Katy Perry and Taylor Swift is extremely good.

And yet, after The Eras Tour ended, Katy Perry even posted a selfie with Taylor Swift on her personal page with a radiant smile, happy to see her friend complete the show. monumental.

It is known that this is also the moment both female singers shared a photo frame after 5 years since the MV You Need To Calm Down – the music product that marked the “broken and healed” relationship of Katy Perry and Taylor Swift. . With just these two moments, both fandoms can completely rest assured that Taylor Swift and Katy Perry now maintain an extremely close relationship, ready to support each other’s artistic activities.


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