“Black Widow” Scarlett Johansson Maintains a Low Profile, Steers Clear of Social Media

“Black Widow” Scarlett Johansson Maintains a Low Profile, Steers Clear of Social Media

Scarlett Johansson does not use social networks, so almost all news and pictures about her are updated by her friends.

Scarlett Johansson does not like sharing her personal life online.


According to People , in Dear Media’s The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast, star Scarlett Johansson said she is the type of person who is anxious and easily preoccupied with other people, so she is not suitable for using social networks.

“Honestly, I can’t deal with what’s happening up there. My brain is so fragile. I’m like a fragile little flower. I have too many worries in this life.” , Johansson admitted.

The female lead Black Widow shared that she tried Instagram for 3 days and decided to delete it after being too immersed in posts from people unrelated to her.

Scarlett Johansson’s images on social networks are often updated by friends and colleagues. Photo: Screenrant.

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“When I realized I had spent 20 minutes looking at the profile of someone who works for my friend — who has a pit bull, two daughters, and lives in Burbank — I thought, I Just wasted 17 minutes”.

Despite staying away from Instagram, Johansson admitted to exploring the platform that allows video content creation because it is suitable for the development of The Outset – the skin care brand co-founded by her and Kate Foster.

This is not the first time a Hollywood star has explained the reason for her disappearance on social networks. In an interview with Interview magazine in 2011, Johansson said: “I don’t need to build my personal brand this way. I see the idea of ​​letting people know what I’m eating before taking my children to school… It’s really strange. I prefer doing useful things rather than sharing with everyone about my daily activities.”

However, viewed from the perspective of a means used to share information and raise awareness, she thinks social networking platforms are also useful.

Scarlett Johansson was born in 1984, famous worldwide for her role as Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow in the superhero films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. According to Forbes , Johansson is one of the highest-paid stars in the world

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