Bruno Fernandes: Ronaldo has never been selfish

Bruno Fernandes: Ronaldo has never been selfish

The Manchester United star and Cristiano Ronaldo created a goal to increase Portugal’s gap against Turkey at EURO 2024.

I think Cristiano Ronaldo has never been a selfish player. In that moment, he decided to pass the ball. If he had shot straight, it would have been a completely right decision,” No. Portugal spoke about its captain.

“He (Ronaldo) is our number one scorer but when he has the opportunity, he makes the best decisions. That means that for us right now, winning is everything,” The player who scored from the assist as placed by CR7 added.

Bruno Fernandes affirmed that CR7 has never been a selfish player.

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With his playing style and strong desire to win, CR7 has long been considered a “selfish” player because he is said to only want to score goals and not care about his teammates. But until now, CR7 is the player with the most assists in EURO history with 8 “set-ups” for teammates.

CR7’s pass to Bruno Fernandes also shows the solidarity between the two top Portuguese stars towards a common goal at EURO 2024. This contributes to affirming that coach Roberto Martinez is doing a good job of stabilizing the dressing room. of the “European Selecao”.

Ronaldo himself also received countless compliments after assisting his teammates even though he himself has not yet “opened the gun” at EURO 2024. The assist cost CR7 a goal, but brought it to him and Portugal. The benefits are immeasurable.


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