Cristiano Ronaldo Bestows a Precious Christmas Gift upon Marcelo’s Son with a Heartfelt Message: ‘Thank You, You’re My Idol’.

“More than a team-mate, a brother.” Cristiano Ronaldo and Marcelo share a bond that goes beyond mere teammates; they epitomize the essence of true camaraderie and brotherhood.

Despite being on different domestic teams now, the inseparable connection forged during their time as teammates at Real Madrid endures.

This Christmas, a poignant testament to their enduring friendship unfolded as Ronaldo, in a heartfelt gesture, sent a priceless gift to the former Los Blancos number 12’s son, beautifully illustrating the depth of their lasting connection.

Just moments ago, Liam Alves Vieira, son of Marcelo, shared with his 126K Instagram followers what he got for Christmas. The eight-year-old posted a picture of himself behind a Christmas tree while wearing CR7’s yellow Al Nassr-signed jersey. With gratitude, he captioned the post, Thank you so much Cris, I love you. You are my idol @cristiano.❤️” (translated on Instagram).

Similarly, Marcelo joyfully conveyed his appreciation for the heartfelt gesture made by his ‘brother from another mother’ by resharing the post on his Instagram story, accompanied by a compassionate emoji. This undoubtedly left Marcelo’s young son, Liam, in awe, capturing a moment that resonates deeply, especially in a world where many still harbor dreams of receiving such timeless and meaningful gifts.

Marcelo could have celebrated this Christmas alongside El Bicho in Riyadh, as he had an offer from Al Nassr. However, the defender chose to go back to his roots instead.

Marcelo snubbed his friendship with CR7 over his country’s roots

Earlier this year, in a Brazilian podcast hosted by Bruno Cantarelli, Marcelo candidly addressed swirling rumors regarding a prospective move to the Middle East. Delving into the matter, he explained, “We [Marcelo and Ronaldo] talked about this some time ago. I had some proposals to leave, not just there [Al Nassr], but I needed to return here [Brazil], to my roots. Something told me that I had to go back”.

The prospect of witnessing a heartfelt reunion between Ronaldo and Marcelo would have undoubtedly delighted countless devoted fans. Yet, that doesn’t mean he isn’t enjoying his days with Fluminense. The accomplished left-back recently celebrated by lifting the Copa Libertadores with his Brazilian team. Nevertheless, the triumph was tinged with disappointment as they faced defeat in the Club World Cup final, succumbing to Manchester City.


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