Cristiano Ronaldo’s goodbye

Cristiano Ronaldo’s goodbye


When the Portuguese team announced the list of players preparing for the EURO 2024 finals, Cristiano Ronaldo was still named, thereby having the 6th EURO in his career.

From 2004 until now, CR7 has not missed a single EURO tournament. This is an unprecedented record for the Portuguese superstar.

Ronaldo is still the number one hope in Europe’s Seleccao attack. At the age of 39, the former Man Utd star reached his peak with a number of goals nearly equal to the number of appearances in the Al Nassr shirt (50 goals in 51 matches).

It is important to know that CR7 is also the greatest scorer in the history of EURO finals with 14 goals. The person ranked behind Ronaldo is the legendary Michel Platini with only 9 goals.

If he plays well, Ronado can completely reach a memorable milestone in his career at EURO 2024.

The milestone of 900 goals in his career is waiting for Ronaldo. Currently, Ronaldo has 893 goals, only 7 more goals away. If he can do it, Ronaldo will also surpass 20 goals in EURO tournaments.The next milestone is 130 goals for Portugal. This is a number that is easier for CR7 to reach as he currently has 128 goals for the national team.

More importantly, Ronaldo is dreaming of a successful EURO period with Portugal.

If he can do it, there is a high possibility that CR7 will also retire from the national team at the peak of glory.

At that time, EURO 2024 became the perfect farewell for Ronaldo at the international level.


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