Despite a $503,000,000 Contract, Mahomes Resides in a House Worth $14.7M Less than Tom Brady’s Luxurious Mansion

Despite a $503,000,000 Contract, Mahomes Resides in a House Worth $14.7M Less than Tom Brady’s Luxurious Mansion


It is arguable that Patrick Mahomes is the best quarterback currently competing in the competition at this time. There is little question that winning two Super Bowls in a span of just six years is not an easy undertaking to accomplish. Because of this, the Kansas City Chiefs have awarded him the most lucrative deal in the history of the National Football League. Despite the fact that there are quarterbacks who earn a higher annual pay than Mahomes, none of them have a 10-year contract. Mahomes inked an extension deal with the Chiefs in the year 2020 that was worth a staggering $503 million.

If Patrick hadn’t signed a 10-year contract all at once, many business professionals believe that he would have been able to get a far higher price. Despite this, Mahomes was awarded a substantial $45 million for his heroics during the previous season, which is not a bad sum by any stretch of the imagination. Nevertheless, Mahomes continues to reside in a mansion that is seventy years old and that he purchased in 2019 for approximately $1.7-1.9 Million. This takes place despite the fact that he is surrounded by income.

A few more paychecks are still required for Patrick Mahomes to be able to purchase a home like Tom Brady.



On the other hand, this is something that football fans all around the world would find a little bit difficult to accept. It is true that Patrick Mahomes resides in a Country Club mansion that was built in 1953 and is situated in Kansas City, Missouri. On the other hand, according to, Patrick had spent approximately $400,000 on improvements prior to moving into his new home.Even if we include such expense in addition to the estimated sum of money that was spent on the purchase of the house, the total figure is still somewhere in the range of $2.1 million to $2.3 million. If we compare that to the amount of money that Tom Brady, who has won seven Super Bowls during his career, spent on his new home, then the contrast that emerges may end up blowing your mind.


Tom and his ex-wife Gisele Bundchen purchased a large estate on the Atlantic coast of South Florida that was valued at seventeen million dollars. The mansion is situated on Indian Creek island. Despite the fact that the couple made the decision to go their own ways after purchasing the enormous property, the Daily Mail claimed a while ago that Tom is still carrying on with the remodeling work in the same house. In the end, you don’t give up on a house that is worth many millions of dollars and is located in what is perhaps the nicest neighborhood on the entire planet.With regard to the gap in monetary value between the homes of the two most prominent quarterbacks, we arrive at a figure that is quite close to $14.7 million altogether. When everyone in the world is suggesting that Mahomes is the next Brady, it is possible that he will need to play more and, of course, make more money before he is able to purchase a home in the Billionaire Bunker development.


“Dollar-wise,” Patrick Mahomes possesses everything that is necessary to compete with Tom Brady.

There was the possibility that Tom Brady could have signed contracts that would have brought him a great deal more money than what he ultimately received. The astute quarterback, on the other hand, was willing to accept a lower salary in order to remain with a team that had the potential to win the Super Bowl. Because of this, he concluded his career with as many as seven rings in his collection.


The fact that Tom was able to achieve success as an entrepreneur more than made up for the fact that he made some concessions when it came to signing NFL contracts. The winning quarterback was able to earn a net worth of $250 million thanks to his various assets as well as his own brand, TB12, which sells more than a dozen different products.


It is now estimated that Mahomes has a net worth of fifty million dollars according to his earnings. On the other hand, it is essential to keep in mind that Patrick is still a very young person and is only just beginning to receive those enormous wages. Over the course of time, we can anticipate that he will invest his money in a number of enterprises that are on the verge of being successful, and who knows, he might even go on to launch his own clothing line.



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