Elon Musk supports Taylor Swift’s new album after threatening to sue their jet stalker

Taylor Swift has an unexpected fan thanks to her new album The Tortured Poets Society – Elon Musk.

The billionaire made a post on X (formerly Twitter, until Musk bought it) gushing over the new music.

Elon Musk Begs Taylor Swift to Post Her Music on X (Twitter)

Elon Says Taylor Can Now Consider Him A Swiftie

Elon Musk poses at event

Elon responded to Taylor’s earlier post that thanked her fans for their support. Musk said she can count him in her fanbase now, writing, “I’m not quite the target audience, but nonetheless very impressive indeed!”

Taylor had made an emotional post dedicated to her fans to commemorate her album becoming a worldwide hit within a matter of days of releasing. “You’ve outdone yourselves, this is unbelievable,” Taylor wrote alongside a post she shared that Billboard recently made.

Billboard claimed Swift is “the first artist in history to occupy the entire top 14 spots of the Hot 100 simultaneously.”

Elon’s comment comes after Taylor’s recent private jet usage was exposed by her so-called online stalker, Jack Sweeney, who publishes publicly available data about the whereabouts of celebrity jets.

Elon And Taylor Have Both Threatened To Sue Jack Sweeney

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Both Taylor and Elon have been the target of his posts before, though they’ve tried taking legal action against the university student, but it hasn’t been successful thus far, as Sweeney continues to run his online accounts publishing the data.

In a new video, Sweeney asserted that Swift’s air travel in 2023 was extensive, suggesting she could have flown around the world seven times. Although Sweeney did not keep a precise count of the flights, he stated that he was informed the number surpassed 170.

“Swift’s two private jets flew 178,000 miles in 2023 equivalent to flying around the earth 7 times. emitting ~ 1200 tons of C02 in the process. That’s 83 times the average American,” he said in the video, explaining the environmental repercussions Taylor’s jet usage has.

Critics previously targeted Swift for her significant carbon footprint within Hollywood based on Sweeney’s information. Her frequent use of private jets in 2022 alone resulted in an astounding emission of approximately 8,300 tonnes of carbon, far surpassing the annual emissions of an average individual by 1,800 times.

To contextualize this, Swift’s emissions exceeded those of the average American by 576-fold and the average European’s by about 1,000 times. This excessive reliance on private jets mirrors a broader trend among celebrities, with Sweeney’s data illustrating the environmental consequences.

For instance, in the same year, Elon Musk’s extensive use of private jets led to an estimated carbon footprint of over 3,500 tonnes, significantly contributing to his overall emissions. Similarly, Leonardo DiCaprio, recognized for his environmental activism, amassed around 2,800 tonnes of carbon emissions from his use of private jets.

While several celebs have initiated legal action against Sweeney, or at least threatened to do so, including both Swift and Musk, the computer science student continues to run his account, shedding light on the consequences of private air travel.

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