Eto’o: ‘In my time, Messi played with me. I didn’t play with Messi, It’s totally different’

Eto’o: ‘In my time, Messi played with me. I didn’t play with Messi, It’s totally different’

Eto'o: 'In my time, Messi played with me. I didn't play with Messi, It's totally different'

Samuel Eto’o was seemingly annoyed when put on a lower scale than Lionel Messi during their time at Barcelona in a recent interview.

The Cameroonian, however, quickly fired back at the reporter, saying that it was Leo who looked up to him back then, not otherwise.

Reporter: “You mentioned Messi, what can he [Ansu Fati] learn from Messi? You Obviously played with him … [gets interrupted].”

Eto’o: “No, he’s played with me, it’s different.”

Reporter: “Why?”

Eto’o: “Messi played with me, I didn’t play with Messi. In my time, Messi played with me, It’s different. It’s totally different.”

Well, that might be right if we talk about Messi’s early days in the first team but Leo certainly overshadowed Eto’o in the latter’s final season at Camp Nou as the Argentine was awarded his first Ballon d’Or for his heroics in the 2008/09 campaign.

‘Messi and Cristiano will get tired of giving us joy’: Eto’o names his future ‘football God’

“Cristiano is another God [of football]. Together with Messi, they are the players who mark today’s football with the highest marks,” Samuel Eto’o has told La Nacion.

“Another God coming on when Messi and Cristiano will get tired of giving us joy will be Kylian Mbappe,” the Cameroonian added.

Last year, Eto’o even sent a message to the French forward, asking him to snub Real Madrid for Barcelona.

At just 22, Mbappe is already a World Cup winner and a four-time French champion. The pacy forward is expected to join Real Madrid in the summer.

Mbappe has bagged 132 goals and provided 61 assists in 171 appearances for PSG so far.

‘His ego is kinda outta control’: Mbappe takes over free-kick duties from Griezmann and fans don’t like it

According to RMC Sport, Kylian Mbappe has taken over free-kick duties from Antoine Griezmann for France‘s remaining Euro 2020 matches.

The Barcelona forward will continue to take free-kicks that are ‘intended as crosses’ while the Paris Saint-Germain hitman will step up for direct attempts, as per the reliable French source.

The decision has been questioned by many fans on Twitter as Mbappe has never scored a direct free-kick in his six-year senior career.

Even though Griezmann is yet to score from a direct set-piece for Barca so far, the 30-year-old netted seven free-kick goals in 39 attempts during his time at Atletico Madrid.


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