Fact Check: Is The Last Bumbaclot with Keanu Reeves wearing dreads in Jamaica a real movie? Viral photos spark hilarious reactions

Fact Check: Is The Last Bumbaclot with Keanu Reeves wearing dreads in Jamaica a real movie? Viral photos spark hilarious reactions


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Photos from a supposedly upcoming movie named The Last Bumbaclot featuring Keanu Reeves went viral on June 28. Keanu’s makeover turned a few heads as the actor was shown sporting long dreadlocks.

Some posts claimed the actor is shooting for the movie in Jamaica, and Facebook Page HipHop Wave said Keanu is allegedly playing Bob Marley. Several pictures of the John Wick actor in dreadlocks made the rounds across other social media platforms, prompting reactions from netizens.

While some users questioned the authenticity of these images, claiming they were digitally generated, a few others readily believed the photos to be true. They began asking when the alleged film would be released. Others poked fun at the comical nature of the whole thing as everyone was taken aback by Keanu Reeves’ apparent makeover for this purported movie.

“The Matrix In Jamaica part 2 finna be fire”, one person joked.

“The name of the movie is “John Wigs””, another added.

“The first pic made sure no fingers were showing”, wrote one user, referring to the fact that an individual’s fingers in AI-generated pictures often appear unrealistic.

“Dream blunt rotation with Jah Wick”, another joked.

“That’s John Wicked”, one user commented.

However, others immediately caught on to the images being fake and commented on AI’s advancement and how easy it has become to fool people on the internet these days.

“I need someone to give AI a physical body so I can fight it”, one wrote.

“People are easily fooled these days and it’s really concerning”, another noted.

“I don’t know what’s real and what’s satire anymore”, expressed one person.

“They should’ve never gave the people A.I. Now Keanu Reeves out here with locs for no reason”, joked another.

Some demanded the post to get fact-checked by X Community Notes:

“Where’s the community note? Stop playing! This AI is outta hand”, wrote one.

It is to be noted that the photos showcased in these viral posts are not real. There has not been any official announcement of a movie called The Last Bumbaclot or Keanu Reeves’ casting by any production studio. The actor’s team also did not release any statements about an upcoming film by this name.

Keanu Reeves is not starring in a movie called The Last Bumbaclot

The term Bumbaclot came from the Jamaican English word ‘bumboclaat’, referring to bathroom wipes or a sanitary napkin used during menstruation. The usage of the term has been recorded since 1956. The current use of ‘bumbaclot’ is a slang equivalent to ‘motherf***er’ or ‘d**chebag’.

Some people expressed on X that it was unlikely of Keanu Reeves to play the protagonist in a movie with a name like ‘Bumbaclot’.

From the images, it can be assumed that Keanu’s face is either superimposed on Bob Marley’s photos or all of them are generated in the likeness of the late Jamaican icon using Artificial Intelligence.

A reverse image search on Google traced the origin of these photos to a digital creator by the name of Man Meets Machine on Instagram. The account posted these images on May 22. When a user asked about the app, the creator said they used Midjourney to generate these photos.

A brief look into Man Meets Machines’ IG feed shows they have created several other AI edits of popular celebrities. Thus, we can be sure that the viral claim about an upcoming movie with Keanu Reeves in dreadlocks is fake.


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