Fans BLASTS AND ROASTS an ‘SNL’ Cast Member Heidi Gardner for being in Bed with Travis Kelce during an SNL sketch before she CRIED and removed the photos- “She doesn’t know her place…”

Heidi Garner and Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce
Unlike the Beavis and Butt-Head sketch, Heidi Gardner’s Kansas City Chiefs fandom is no laughing matter. The SNL cast member has been rooting for the team since she was a kid, long before Taylor Swift visited Arrowhead Stadium for the first time. So it was a thrill for her when tight end Travis Kelce hosted the show in 2023.


Heidi Garner and Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce

“I was very protective [of Kelce],” Gardner said on Friday’s episode of Today. I asked him questions, which also as a sports fan I’m just interested in, but I was like, ‘On game day what do you eat?’ And he was like, ‘Uncrustables. I’m just pounding Uncrustables.’ And so the Saturday of the show, I went to the store, I got Uncrustables. I was like, I want this to feel as much like home as it can.” Kelce’s favorite foods: “American Empanadas” and “chipolte.”

Gardner also apologized, jokingly so, to Swift for being in bed with Kelce during a sketch. “It was cool because right before dress rehearsal, we were in a scene where — sorry, Taylor — we were in bed together,” she said, “and he leaned over into me right before lights up on the scene and…”

What do you think Kelce told Gardner? If you guessed, “I’ve been eating Uncrustables all day,” you are correct. The man has a type (round sandwiches and world famous pop stars).


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