Fast X Part 2 Star Vin Diesel Shares New Look at Returning Cars

Fast X Part 2 Star Vin Diesel Shares New Look at Returning Cars

Fast X Part 2 is coming and Vin Diesel just gave fans a look at some of the muscle cars that will be returning for the blockbuster. On Instagram, the face of The Fast Saga posted a video of a fleet of black vehicles heading off to a filming location. Now, fans already knew that Diesel was intent on bringing back the original Supra, bujt there are some other classics ready to rejoin the fray. The ever-present Challenger, a Barricuda (Furious 7) and a Road Runner are all represented. Eagle-eyed fans might also notice that the Challenger is done-up like Dom’s SRT8 back in Fast and Furious 6. (Man, some of the cars that didn’t make it out of these movies make me weep.) Perhaps the most fun inclusion would be Dom’s Plymouth GTX from Fate of the Furious. Now, there’s gotta be a Charger in there and a Nissan 370 Z for good measure.

While you can check out all these awesome cars rolling out down below, there are so many vehicles assembled for a movie of this size. ComicBook talked to Dennis McCarthy about the sheer number of cars necessary for a project of this size. “It’s probably somewhere in the 700-800 range,” he revealed. “[The number of] cars that get built here in the shop is probably 250 [to] 300 in a fairly short amount of time. If you take these cars to a car show, you’ll get the guys to come by and look at that gap. They say, “It’s not quite right.'”

“It’s like, yeah, why don’t you try to build 250 cars in seven months, and then come talk to me about the gaps in the fenders,” the Car Coordinator continued. “It’s a different deal. I always say if I’m building a car for a customer, it’ll take over a year to build one car. For a movie, I can build 14 of these cars in seven weeks. There’s a difference between movie cars and a car that’s [going to] be someone’s pride and joy.”

How Is Fast X Part 2’s Production Going?

Clearly, work moves forward on the anticipated sequel. People have been working hard to get things closer to filming since the writers and actors strike ended. Diesel manages to keep everyone updated as that cliffhanger just lingers taunting all the people who want Dom Toretto and his family to be alright in the end.


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