Female fan says Messi ‘saved’ her when she ran onto the field

Female fan says Messi ‘saved’ her when she ran onto the field

Antonella Siegert said superstar Lionel Messi told her to run away when she sneaked onto the pitch to take a photo with him during a match on the morning of April 7.

When the match between Inter Miami and Colorado was entering extra time, Antonella Siegert ran from behind the goal onto the field towards Messi. The young girl asked the Argentinian superstar to take a selfie and was accepted. When the security team entered the field to take Antonella Siegert out so the match could continue, Messi moved to protect the girl.

Infobae newspaper said the female fan running onto the field surprised the organizers and even Messi’s personal bodyguard Yassine Cheuko. After leaving the field, Antonella recounted what happened when she realized her dream of taking a photo with her idol. “I was extremely happy. When the security guards grabbed me, everyone on the field applauded because I was so fast,” the female fan said. The girl also revealed what Messi said to her when he saw security guards approaching: “He looked into the camera and told me to run.”

Antonella Siegert also plays football and has the same name as Messi’s wife. The young girl’s Tik Tok account has 71,000 followers. She regularly posts videos of playing football and approaches to world-famous football stars. On her Instagram page, Antonella later said this was the best day of her life and thanked Messi for helping her have a dream come true moment. The female fan praised the Argentine superstar for being extremely modest.

Female fan managed to take a selfie with Messi before being taken out by stadium security. Photo taken from video

The female fan had time to take a selfie with Messi before being taken out by the stadium security team. Photo taken from video

A few days ago Messi also made a good impression on fans when he stopped his car to take pictures and sign autographs for fans on the way to practice. The previously tight-lipped Argentinian superstar is now more open and comfortable when interacting with fans outside the field.

Messi returned to action against Colorado yesterday after missing six games due to a thigh injury. He scored the equalizer for Inter Miami early in the second half. The 2022 World Cup champions then took a 2-1 lead but could not hold on to the lead, allowing their opponents to tie the game 2-2. Inter Miami dropped to third in the Eastern Conference standings with 12 points from eight games.

Joining Inter Miami last summer, Messi created a fever both on and off the field. The striker born in 1987 contributed greatly to helping Inter Miami win the Leagues Cup – the first Cup of the newly established team 5 years ago. He has 17 goals and 7 assists through 20 matches at Inter Miami.


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