Gal Gadot is Mercilessly Charming in New GQ Profile

In case the world needed another reason to fall for Wonder Woman.

GQ’s Caity Weaver transports readers to the shoreline of Tel Aviv in the magazine’s latest cover story, spending two days with a bathing suit-clad Gal Gadot as the actress talks about everything from her accent and her forthcoming movies to her favorite neighborhood bakery.

“This is mushroom quiche, sweet-potato quiche, cinnamon pretzel,” Gadot translates. “Chocolate croissant, butter croissant, chocolate-and-almond croissant, which is wow…”

The megastar became a household name after starring in Wonder Woman, this summer’s record-shattering superhero movie that was a critical and commercial smashing success — she acknowledges to Weaver that she just may be the most famous person in Israel who doesn’t hold a public office. Gadot also notes that she’s had to become “much more aware and alert” since her fame, but “doesn’t want to seclude” herself from society.

“I want to be part of everyone, and I enjoy talking to random people sometimes,” she says. But Weaver notes that, despite her star power, beauty and inability to walk down the beach (or to the bakery) without garnering the attention of, well, everyone — she remains humble, kind and “mercilessly charming.”

“The most beautiful thing about Gal Gadot is her smile—a real one, devastating, whipped out frequently to the peril of those around her—but the other stuff is very good, too,” Weaver writes. “She has features that make the notion of cosmetics seem garish, like using Hi-Liter to trace over a butterfly’s wings. Her height—she’s just over 5’10″—and her leanness behave like complementary colors, her stature emphasizing her slenderness and vice versa. Gadot’s thinness doesn’t make her seem small, though. She has the bone structure of a delicately carved statue, but her physical presence is more akin to the rod that runs up the statue’s back to absorb lightning strikes.”

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