Gal Gadot’s spy movie disappoints because it’s “too ambitious”

Gal Gadot’s spy movie disappoints because it’s “too ambitious”

Although expected to become a blockbuster after its release, “Heart of Stone” lacks too many elements to impress the audience.

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Netflix recently released a spy action movie called Heart of Stone starring Gal Gadot. However, although the film was expected to become a blockbuster immediately after its release, the film could not satisfy audiences around the world.

The film revolves around international intelligence officer Rachel Stone (played by Gal Gadot) who must embark on a dangerous mission to protect the mysterious MacGuffin known as “the heart”. Rachel is tasked with keeping the peace so that the object is safe and does not fall into enemy hands.

Heart of Stone is an ambitious franchise starter like so many action films in the genre. However, towards the end, the movie overdoes it trying to squeeze in as many “cool” things as possible within two hours. Bringing in all the secret intelligence operations, global problems, and AI influences made the story become rambling, unable to focus on telling a consistent story for the female lead.

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According to USA Today, Heart of Stone could have been more understandable if it had been part of an action movie series. However, it is an original film and the overstuffed plot hinders the world-building and character development. This is also the reason why the main character Rachel seems to be kind but the audience cannot understand her psychology or her life story.

Basically, Heart of Stone isn’t too bad, which is mainly thanks to Gal Gadot. The actress completely mastered the character, spreading Wonder Woman’s power to the spy character. The combination of charm and coldness has created an extremely new Rachel Stone that the audience can love. However, Gal Gadot’s charm alone cannot make Heart of Stone more interesting.


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