Gal Gadot’s ‘staggering’ salary in ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ revealed!

Gal Gadot’s ‘staggering’ salary in ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ revealed!

Gal Gadot became the cover face of Vanity Fair’s November 2020 issue. In an article published on October 13, the magazine revealed that she was paid about 10 million USD for the main role in Wonder Woman 1984, 33 times the salary for part 1.

In 2017, Gal Gadot caused a stir on the global big screen with the superhero blockbuster Wonder Woman . This is considered one of the most successful DC Comics adaptations that Warner Bros. has released to date with revenue of 821 million USD at the global box office. However, compared to the huge sales that this famous work brings, the Israeli rose was only paid a mere 300,000 USD (nearly 7 billion VND) to play the female lead role. This number once made the public shocked and angry, thinking that the beauty born in 1985 was not paid properly.

The resounding success of the first film caused Warner Bros. to step up production of a sequel called Wonder Woman 1984 and once again invite Gal Gadot to play the lead role. Besides, she is also one of the producers of the above superhero “blockbuster”. This time, the 35-year-old beauty has somehow been paid well with the reputation of a global movie star. Vanity Fair revealed that in part 2, the famous actress was paid about 10 million USD (more than 230 billion VND), a remuneration 33 times higher than the amount she received when playing the opening part. This famous magazine said that $10 million is not a small number, but it is less than half of what male action stars receive. This shows that the pay gap between men and women still exists in Hollywood even though the film industry is increasingly moving towards ethnic diversity and gender equality.

After many delays, Wonder Woman 1984 is scheduled to hit theaters on December 25


However, Patty Jenkins – director of Wonder Woman 1984 shared with Vanity Fair that Gal Gadot does not act for money or fame. “She is someone who focuses mainly on creating good things for her character, it’s really special to have such a great Wonder Woman,” the famous filmmaker shared.

Although the salary for part 1 was low, the success of Wonder Woman (2017) both professionally and in sales raised Gal Gadot’s reputation, making her one of the most expensive 8X female stars in Hollywood. According to statistics recently published by Forbes , the 35-year-old star ranked third in the list of the 10 highest-paid actresses of the year with 31.5 million USD brought in in the past 12 months. In particular, just acting alongside Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Ryan Reynolds in Netflix’s new movie Red Notice brought this beauty up to 20 million USD.

Gal Gadot is one of the 10 highest paid stars last year


On October 12, the U.40 star suddenly announced that she will play Queen Cleopatra in a new film about ancient Egypt with the participation of Wonder Woman director – Patty Jenkins. However, this information quickly encountered fierce controversy on social networks . Many viewers opposed Gal Gadot playing the main role and thought that the producer should find a black actress to replace Cleopatra because Cleopatra is of African descent. Meanwhile, many netizens chose to side with Gal Gadot and argued that Queen Cleopatra is of ancient Greek descent, so choosing a white actress is not wrong. To this day, the ethnicity of this queen remains a mystery because besides her biological father, the identity of her mother has not been confirmed.

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