‘Hottest beauty on the planet’ struggles after breaking up with Nick Jonas

‘Hottest beauty on the planet’ struggles after breaking up with Nick Jonas

In a recent conversation, Miss Olivia Culpo shared that she dated singer Nick Jonas for two years and even thought about getting married. After the breakup, the beauty went through a very difficult time.

Olivia Culpo dated Nick Jonas from 2013 to 2015. At that time, her name was much less famous than her boyfriend’s.

According to People , in the first episode of the reality show The Culpo Sisters aired on November 7, Olivia Culpo opened up about her unfinished love affair with singer Nick Jonas . The famous couple spent nearly two years together before breaking up in 2015. After being pressured by the show’s producers, the 30-year-old beauty queen brought up the old story. She shared that dating the Jonas Brothers singer was an experience that had a huge impact on her. “I moved to Los Angeles with him. At that time, I had no fame, no money and was in love. That was great, right? But after he broke up with me, I felt abandoned and like I didn’t know who I was anymore,” Miss Universe 2012 recalled.Olivia Culpo admitted that she went through a difficult period after breaking up with Nick Jonas. She confided: “I think this is a common story for a young person in love. I thought we were going to get married, I thought about everything. I remember many long nights staring at the ceiling in my apartment and wondering how I was going to pay the rent?” The beauty queen shared that at that time, she didn’t even have enough money to buy food and daily necessities. “It was an important and serious moment for me but it taught me that I can’t give up,” the 9X model confided.

The 30-year-old beauty shared that her love affair with Nick Jonas had a big impact on her.

Olivia Culpo, who has dated a number of high-profile athletes since leaving Nick Jonas, has found happiness with NFL player Christian McCaffrey. She told Entertainment Tonight earlier this month that her current boyfriend makes her feel more secure than her previous boyfriends. “He’s the best, I feel like he’s everything I could ask for. So I never have to worry about anything… He comes from a great family. We have a lot in common in that regard. I think you really know who someone is based on who raised them,” the 20-year-old model said. Olivia Culpo revealed that the couple are planning their future together and are happy with what’s ahead for them.


At the age of 30, she is more and more beautiful, hot and successful.


Olivia Culpo was born in 1992, she became famous after being crowned Miss USA 2012 and then won the Miss Universe crown that same year. The 9X beauty is also a model, promising actress and an influential figure in the fashion industry as well as social networks with a trendy, sexy and bold style. In June 2019, the 9X female star was voted by Maxim magazine as the hottest beauty on the planet. Before dating Christian McCaffrey, she had a relationship with singer Nick Jonas, football player Tim Tebow, Danny Amendola..


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