How to buy Lionel Messi’s Mas+, the new hydration sports drink

The 36-year-old has released a “next generation hydration” sports beverage which shares the same name as Inter Miami’s co-owners.

Lionel Messi releases new sports drink Mas+

Miami Punch. Orange d’Or. What else could they be, other than two of the flavours offered by Más+, a new sports drink released by Inter Miami and Argentina star Lionel Messi.

News of Messi’s impending beverage first broke last month when it was reported that the 36-year-old would be the face of a “next-generation sports drink”, the latest in his mounting off-field commercial interests. He is the founder of the The Más+ Next Generation Beverage Co., which will produce the creatively named new drink.

The drink will be available in four flavours, each of which makes reference to his illustrious career: Miami Punch, Orange d’Or, Berry Copa Crush, Limon Lime League.

“Hydration is essential to overall wellbeing. I believe everyone deserves a drink with amazing ingredients and taste,” reads a quote on the company website, attributed to Messi. “Más+ is a drink I’m proud to share with family and friends. Because everyone deserves to feel like a champion in every part of their life.”

Where can I buy Lionel Messi’s Más+ sports drink?

At the moment, you can’t. But the first packs of the covetable cans will be available to buy later this month, initially on a limit scale. Here’s a look at the timetable for Messi’s Más+ drinks…There will likely be a huge demand for the drinks, similar to the PRIME energy drinks released by YouTube personalities Logan Paul and KSI in 2022. In fact, Messi’s new product does share a striking resemblance to the colourful, ribbed PRIME bottles that sparked a huge rush on their release.

Messi’s sports drinks also shares a name with Jorge and Jose Más, co-owners of the Argentine’s current team Inter Miami. Has he essentially named the drink in honour of his bosses?

According to the company website, no. A press release states that the name is simply the Spanish word ‘más’, meaning more, and is a reference to his insatiable desire to strive for more. The ‘+’ is supposed to represent an “extra boost of positivity, inspiration for you to enjoy more music, laughter, friends, and family and to get more out of life.”

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