Ice Cube’s Son Reacts to Alleged Criticism from Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson for Playing with Barbies in Makeup

Ice Cube’s Son Reacts to Alleged Criticism from Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson for Playing with Barbies in Makeup

When it comes to epitomizing masculinity in the world of wrestling, few can match the stature of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. His towering presence, muscular build, adorned with tattoos, seems to embody perfection. With his recent heel turn in the WWE and his relentless physical and verbal аssаult on Cody Rhodes, he epitomizes the role of the ultimate adversary. However, amidst his larger-than-life persona, fans often overlook Johnson’s role as a devoted family man. A recent video showing him playfully engaging with his daughter sparked a wave of criticism online.

Enter O’Shea Jackson Jr., son of rapper Ice Cube, who shared his own experiences as a father of daughters. Jackson’s witty response aimed to lighten the online discourse surrounding the Hollywood star.

O’Shea Jackson Jr. humorously asserts his inability to engage with Barbies like Dwayne Johnson does.


O’Shea Jackson Jr., known for his active presence on social media, stepped in to defend The Rock. A video of Dwayne Johnson playfully interacting with his daughters garnered unwarranted criticism. Why? Because the girls were applying makeup to him and playing with Barbies. Johnson has three daughters: Simone, from his previous marriage to Dany Garcia, and Jasmine and Tiana, with his current wife Lauren Hashian. While Simone is better known as Ava Raine in NXT, Jasmine and Tiana are still young children, and Johnson cherishes every moment he spends with them, even if it means indulging in some makeup and Barbie playtime.

In the video, the Hollywood star is seen donning a wig while his daughter skillfully applies makeup. Throughout the playful session, Johnson’s infectious smile clearly demonstrates his love for spending quality time with his daughters. However, the internet deemed it unmanly for him to share such a tender moment publicly.

This is where Jackson Jr. injected some humor, stating, “Meanwhile my daughter banned me from playing with Barbies because I ask too many questions about the storylines.” The Straight Outta Compton actor humorously claimed that he was simply trying to immerse himself in the Barbie universe by understanding its intricate plotlines.

In a society that often scrutinizes traditional gender roles, Jackson Jr.’s lighthearted response serves as a reminder that fatherhood transcends stereotypes, and bonding with one’s children should be celebrated regardless of societal expectations.


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