Information appeared that LeBron James left the Lakers to go to Dallas

LA Lakers’ LeBron James Trade to Dallas Mavericks? Pros & Cons shows the Dallas Mavericks as having the fourth-best odds to trade for LeBron James if he decides to leave the Los Angeles Lakers. We discuss the pros and cons of this potential move and its feasibility.

Unlike the Los Angeles Lakers, the Dallas Mavericks are still alive in the postseason, as they have a 3-2 series lead on the Los Angeles Clippers with a chance to advance to the second round in Friday night’s Game 6 at American Airlines Center.

With that being said, though, many eyes are already watching for what might be next for Lakers star LeBron James. According to, the Mavs have the fourth-best odds to pull off a trade for the league’s all-time leading scorer at +3000 odds.

Although the odds of LeBron making his way to Dallas to join forces with Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving are slim, we decided to break down pros and cons of such a hypothetical deal.

Pro: Dallas gets one of the greatest players of all time

LeBron’ value as a player and global icon can’t be overstated. When all is said and done, “The Chosen One” will go down as one of the best to ever play the game. Regardless of personal opinions, it’s impossible to deny the significant impact he’s had on the sport. The benefits of signing LeBron are numerous, as he is a living legend who automatically adds value to any team, organization, or city that he is associated with.

Pro: Luka gains a mentor who could make him even better

Setting aside any opposing personal viewpoints, there is no one better for Luka to learn from than LeBron. Both players have a similar style of play and possess a comparable understanding of the game. The primary difference is that LeBron has been a professional athlete for a longer period of time and has achieved the career milestones that Luka aspires to.

Moreover, LeBron could mentor Luka on how to take care of his body as he grows older, which could potentially help him achieve the same longevity that LeBron has experienced throughout his career.

Pro: LeBron is still really good

At the age of 39, LeBron is putting up stats that defy logic, averaging 25.7 points, 8.3 assists and 7.3 rebounds this season. What’s even more impressive is that he has played in 71 games this season, proving his endurance and durability.

LeBron shot a solid 56 percent from the field and a career-best 41 percent from beyond the arc. Though he may not have the same athleticism he had in his younger years, he has compensated for it with his improved overall skill set. His game has aged like fine wine, and he is still a dominant force in this league.

Con: Top players would need to accept new roles

If Dallas were to add another ball-dominant player to their team, there would be a need for certain individuals to adjust and accept new roles that may not align with their preferences. In the hypothetical scenario where Dallas has a “big three,” one of them would need to take on a predominantly off-ball role.

This would require the player to primarily operate out of triple-threat off the catch and utilize off-ball movement. LeBron would be the best fit for this role given his current skill set. However, it remains unclear whether he would be willing to accept such a role. If he isn’t willing, it could lead to some issues.

Con: The cost

The current salary cap situation for the Mavericks makes it difficult for them to sign LeBron James in free agency. They do not have enough cap room to sign him outright. The only way Dallas can afford to sign King James is by trading away a king’s ransom in players to the Lakers.

All potential trade packages that could make this happen would likely involve P.J. Washington or Daniel Gafford, something that is not preferable for the Mavs in the long run.

Is it feasible?

In order for Dallas to afford LeBron James, they would need to be willing to trade away valuable assets and a large portion of their roster. However, it remains uncertain whether LeBron would even be interested in joining the Mavericks. To entice him, the Mavs would need to make his dream of playing alongside his son, LeBron “Bronny” James Jr., a reality. This could be achieved by drafting Bronny in June.

The Mavericks currently hold a late second-round draft pick, and Bronny is not currently listed in most 2024 mock drafts. However, the Golden State Warriors have also expressed interest in drafting James, and they are projected to pick before the Mavericks. Therefore, Dallas may need to give up even more to draft Bronny, which wouldn’t be ideal.

In conclusion, It’s possible for the Mavericks to bring LeBron James on board, but it may not be practical to do so. While LeBron is an exceptional player, it would be difficult to justify giving up so much for a 39-year-old superstar. The Mavericks are currently headed in the right direction, and it would be wise to trust the process and invest in the young talent they currently possess.

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