Instagram Model Hints At Exposing DM’s From LeBron James After He Looked At Her Story

LeBron James' Style Evolution: NBA Icon to Fashion Trendsetter

In case you didn’t know it already, Instagram models love being at the center of attention, so anytime a man with a little bit of celebrity possibly hits them up, they must let the world know about it.

One Instagram model attempted to expose LeBron James for merely viewing her Instagram stories, Instagram model justghazal_ became a trending topic, but it backfired on her.

After not getting the positive attention she craved, she would take to her IG stories once again and highlight one particular comment.

The Instagram user’s comment read, “Damn girl now wat if Lebron was checking out ya story cause he wanted to buy some clothes from you for his wife…u acting like he slid in yo DM asking to take u on vacation”

She responded in her own caption, “Out of all the comments. This is the one. Lol.”

“Ya’ll losin our minds over a story ..imagine i hit u with the DMs.”
“Fyi happily taken”

Somebody that is happily taken doesn’t need to tell the world that a world-class athlete is possibly hitting her up.

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