Jason and Travis Kelce become the co-owners of Garage Beer

Jason and Travis Kelce become the co-owners of Garage Beer

Jason and Travis Kelce Become Part Owners of Covington-Founded Garage Beer Co.

The NFL stars and podcast hosts are now owners and operators of the fast-growing Ohio-based beer label

Jason and Travis Kelce are going in together on a new business venture — beer.

On Tuesday, June 11, the NFL stars and podcast hosts announced that they are the new co-owners of a fast-growing independent beer label based out of Ohio.

The brothers are now significant investors, partners, owners and operators of Garage Beer, a light beer brand created in Cincinnati.

A press release from the brothers states that they have been in discussions with the brand for the past two years and will now oversee all operations, including brewing, distribution, sales, marketing, and expansion.

The Kelce brothers also confirmed that this is their first significant joint business venture.

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“We are light beer drinkers and Garage is the best light beer,” Jason Kelce said in a statement. “For me, the brand fits my lifestyle, and having a few beers is a great excuse to get the neighbors together.”

Travis Kelce echoed his brother’s sentiment.

“I think everyone knows I like to have a couple beers now and then, so being an owner of Garage Beer and heavily involved in making the best light beer is exciting, man!” Travis Kelce added.

Garage Beer is headquartered in Columbus and co-owned by brand investment marketer Andrew Sauer.

The beer is currently sold in Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Missouri, West Virginia, Idaho, Montana and New Jersey, with plans to expand to new states this year.


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