Jason Kelce shared the name he would choose if he were to enter the wrestling ring.

Jason Kelce shared the name he would choose if he were to enter the wrestling ring.


Jason Kelce Reveals Heartfelt Reason for Assisting Rey Mysterio Over Son Dom at WrestleMania 40

Wearing a luchador mask on the latest episode of the New Heights Podcast, Jason Kelce revealed that the mask reminded him of the iconic “Revolting Blob” character from Adam Sandler’s Billy Madison. The Eagles legend then surprisingly said that if he were to have a wrestling name, he would name it after the character.

Travis also agreed with Jason that his elder brother in a luchador mask reminds him of the Josh Mostel essayed character. But “Revolting Blob” as a wrestling name? For someone like Jason Kelce who has carved an incredible legacy and name for himself in the American sporting landscape, he could have certainly found a better ring name to associate himself.

Jason has an aura and an unmatched presence. A great example of this was seen during the recent Wrestlemania event in Philadelphia where the Eagles legend was able to hype up an entire stadium crowd with his energy. Running in to save Rey Mysterio during a fight, he created one of the most memorable moment of that night.

Thus Kelce’s decision to name himself after Revolving Blob, a goofy character whose signature move is sitting on opponents’ heads is a bit underwhelming. Although with his wrestling career, at the end of the day, all that matters is Jason having fun.

The former Eagles star through his recent mask-bearing appearances at Travis’ parties and Wrestlemania seems to enjoy himself to the fullest. Thus Jason’s newfound interest in luchador masks led to a fan recently sending him an Eagles-themed luchador mask.

Jason Kelce Gets A Luchador Mask Mailed To His House By A 10-Year-Old Fan

At the end of the latest New Heights episode, Jason Kelce read a fan mail from a 10-year-old fan named Vinnie Lynch. The message saw young Vinnie express his fandom for the Kelce brothers. The 10-year-old then revealed that the package accompanied by the mail had an Eagles-themed Luchador mask because his father once showed him Jason’s videos wearing the mask. The kid ended his mail by expressing gratitude for clicking a photo with him once at Yum-Yum Donuts.

“My name is Vinnie Lynch. I am 10 years old. I am a big fan of yours and your brother. My dad showed me some videos where you were wearing a Luchador mask. We thought you should have one in the Eagles’ colours so we brought you a gift. You were kind enough to take a picture with me at yum yums before, thank you for being so nice.”

Jason after reading aloud the mail was visibly happy. The Super Bowl winner then wore the Eagles-green coloured mask and thus began the conversation about Billy Madison and “Revolting Blob”. The new Eagles-themed luchador mask also means that this will now be Jason’s third luchador mask with the first two being from Travis Kelce’s party and the WWE event.

All said, it’s heartening to see young fans sending such thoughtful gifts. It’s also sporting of Jason to wear the mask immediately and keep it for a while. Considering the masked Jason Kelce portrait is also the thumbnail of the podcast episode, the child must be super proud of his efforts. Wholesome all around.

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