Jason Kelce’s Kids Open Up: What They Really Think About Uncle Travis!

Jason Kelce’s Kids Open Up: What They Really Think About Uncle Travis!

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The Special Bond Between Uncle Travis and the Kelce Nieces

When  Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce welcomed his twin daughters, Grace and Finley, into the world in 2017, he knew they would have a very special uncle in their lives – his younger brother Travis, who also plays in the NFL as the star tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs. While many NFL players have close relationships with their siblings, the bond between Travis and Jason’s daughters seems to be something truly unique and special.

Through social media posts, interviews with Jason and his wife Kylie, and glimpses into family time shared on trips and get-togethers, it’s clear that Travis adores his nieces and enjoys every moment he can spend with them. The young girls, who just turned 5 years old, seem equally enamored with their fun-loving Uncle Travis. But how did this close uncle-niece relationship develop? Let’s take a closer look at the special bond between Travis Kelce and the Kelce nieces.

A Supportive Family

Growing up in a tight-knit family in Cleveland, Ohio, Jason and Travis Kelce learned the importance of family from an early age. Their parents, Edward and Donna Kelce, instilled strong family values in their three sons that have stayed with them into adulthood. Both Jason and Travis have spoken at length about how supportive their parents were of their football dreams and how they were always there for every game through high school and college.

That sense of family continued when Jason and Travis made it to the NFL. They’ve talked about texting or calling after every game to break down plays and get each other’s perspectives. Even though they play for different teams and are rivals on the field, off the field they remain as close as ever. So it’s no surprise that when Jason and his wife Kylie started their own family, Travis was eager to embrace his role as uncle.

A Fun-Loving Role Model

From the start, Travis embraced fatherhood with his signature fun-loving personality. He was constantly sending gifts and care packages to Grace and Finley and making frequent trips to  Philadelphia to visit. Travis has said his nieces bring him so much joy and help him remember what’s most important in life. He strives to set a positive example for them as a hard worker who always finds time for family, even with his busy NFL schedule.

Travis clearly delights in spending quality time with Grace and Finley, whether it’s taking them to Disney World, the zoo, amusement parks, or just playing at the park. He posts sweet photos and videos often showing their hugs, laughter, and adventures together. Travis has said he loves being the fun uncle who can spoil them but then hand them back to their parents! Both Jason and Kylie have remarked that Travis is the best uncle their girls could ask for.

A Role Model on and off the Field


Not only is Travis a role model for his nieces in how he treats family, but also in his dedication and work ethic on the football field. At 33 years old and in his 11th NFL season, Travis is still performing at an elite level as arguably the best tight end in the league. Last season he hauled in 103 receptions for 1,255 receiving yards and nine touchdowns.

His nieces, both born in 2017, are now old enough to start understanding and appreciating their Uncle Travis’ accomplishments in the NFL. Grace and Finley have attended a few Chiefs games over the years and get a kick out of seeing Travis on the big screens. Jason has said his daughters think it’s very cool that their uncle is a famous football player.

Both Jason and Travis hope that through their careers, they can inspire Grace and Finley to work hard to achieve their dreams. The Kelce brothers want to set an example for their nieces of what can be accomplished through dedication and passion. While the girls are still young, Jason believes one day they’ll truly comprehend not only their uncle’s talent but his heart and work ethic – qualities he hopes will rub off on them.

A Lasting Legacy

With both Jason and Travis still performing at high levels in the NFL at ages 33 and 32 respectively, their football careers could continue for several more seasons. But no matter how long they play, the legacy they’ve already built as a close, supportive family will last for generations. Grace and Finley are fortunate to have not one but two loving father figures in their uncle and dad who support each other unconditionally.

Through their bond, Travis and the Kelce nieces show that family transcends anything that happens on the football field. The special relationship between Grace, Finley, and their fun-loving Uncle Travis brings both of them endless joy. And it serves as a beautiful example for all of the importance of cherishing family, especially the bonds between aunts, uncles, and nieces/nephews. Even after their playing days conclude, the Kelce brothers and their families will remain as tight-knit as ever. Their story underscores the power and meaning of family in everyone’s lives.

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