Jason Statham’s New Action Movie Sounds Like A Remake Of His 11-Year-Old 42% Disappointment

Jason Statham’s New Action Movie Sounds Like A Remake Of His 11-Year-Old 42% Disappointment

Jason Statham has another new action movie in development, and it sounds almost exactly like the same film he made 11 years prior. Over the last decade or so, Statham has cemented himself as one of Hollywood’s go-to action movie stars thanks to franchises like Fast & FuriousTransporterThe MegExpendables, and more. He’s also starred in a variety of standalone films and potential franchise starters that showcase his hand-to-hand combat skills. While not all are as successful as The Beekeeper, Statham remains incredibly busy with new action roles as a result.

The aftermath of The Beekeeper‘s box office dominance has brought about the development of multiple new Jason Statham action movies. There are possible plans for a sequel to The Beekeeper, but he and David Ayer are first hoping to kickstart another potential series with Levon’s Trade. If that film was not enough, reports have also surfaced about another film requiring Jason Statham’s leading man talents: an untilted action-thriller directed by Everest‘s Baltasar Kormákur. While it’s billed as an original film, plot details make it sound like a previous Statham movie that only received a 42% score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Jason Statham in Homefront

Jason Statham and a cop in Homefront

Jason Statham and a horse in Homefront

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Kate Bosworth and James Franco in Homefront

Based on the early reporting for Kormákur and Statham’s as-of-yet-untitled action movie, those familiar with the actor’s previous works will notice quite a few similarities to his 2013 film Homefront. The previous action film is based on a novel by Chuck Logan and followed former DEA agent Phil Broker as he and his daughter move to a quiet, small town for a fresh start. The movie revolves around Phil as he attempts to protect his daughter and their home from a dangerous threat, in this case, a powerful drug lord. Many of these details are once again present in Statham’s upcoming action movie

The new Jason Statham action movie centers itself around Mason, Statham’s character with a mysterious past who lives alone on a Scottish island. The action begins when he rescues a girl and must defend her and his home from attackers. While the new film is not a direct copy of Homefrontthe basic setup of Statham playing a mysterious man with a deadly past as he protects a young girl and fights back against dangerous villains is the same. Other details are different, but the Homefront comparisons are difficult to ignore given Statham’s involvement in both.

How Jason Statham’s New Action Movie Can Improve On Homefront

It Can Learn From Homefront’s Mistakes

Homefront Movie Poster Jason Statham

Conscious or not, Jason Statham attaching himself to a new action movie with Homefront similarities gives him a chance to subtly remake the film and do it better this time. The 2013 action film received mixed reviews from critics, resulting in its 42% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and audiences were only slightly more positive at 61%. Homefront was criticized for its lacking story and characters, as well as not offering much new to audiences in what is a rather conventional action movie premise. The film only managed to make $51.7 million at the box office after the tepid response.

The good news for Jason Statham is that this new action movie could have an advantage courtesy of director Baltasar Kormákur. He is no stranger to the action-thriller genre thanks to movies like Contraband2 GunsEverestAdrift, and Beast. Kormákur should be able to bring a steady hand to the film and deliver something that resonates strongly with critics and audiences alike. If he can, then Jason Statham’s new action movie will be the hit Homefront was expected to be over a decade before.


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