Keanu Reeves lookalike from Germany becomes head-turning star in Thailand

Keanu Reeves lookalike from Germany becomes head-turning star in Thailand

Hollywood superstar Keanu Reeves ‘double’ in Thailand videos attract 6 million TikTok views, spark media frenzy

A German man currently in Thailand who looks like Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves – best known for his role as hitman John Wick – has become an overnight star in the country and a global hit online.

A series of recent TikTok videos posted by user @Tuktiklife, the Reeves lookalike is seen riding a motorcycle wearing loose-fitting cotton trousers, commonly known as elephant pants, to sell grilled cuttlefish.

The videos have attracted more than 6 million views.

They are captioned “Everything’s got a price”, likely a reference to one of John Wick’s most iconic movie quotes.

Other clips showed the man feeding turtles, making coffee in a local market, washing dishes and visiting Bangkok’s Wat Arun dressed in traditional Thai attire.

Online videos of Andreas “acting up” in Thailand have attracted millions of views. Photo: TikTok

He even posed for photos with passers-by like a real star and greeted them with the Thai-style “wai”, a respectful bow with the palms pressed together.

Such activities would be uncharacteristic of the Reeves’ hitman persona and have amused online observers in Thailand.

Some were convinced the man was Reeves’ stunt double, while others thought the star himself was in Thailand to film the new John Wick series, the local news outlet Thaiger reported.

This was debunked by others who pointed out that Reeves was in the United States working on a new music project and had cut his hair short.

Others joked that the hitman could be on a new mission in Thailand.

“John Wick from an alternate universe,” said a TikTok user.

“John, are you working again?” asked another.

“Finally you have a peaceful life, John,” quipped a third.

The 2014 Hollywood movie John Wick tells the story of a retired hitman who is forced to return to his old ways to seek revenge against gangsters who killed his dog, a final gift from his recently deceased wife.

The doppelgänger is actually a man called Andreas from Germany.

Some people think the German is a stunt double for the Keanu Reeves’ character John Wick. Photo: Lionsgate

He told Thailand’s Morning News TV3 that, for a carnival event, his Thai wife went as far as dyeing his blond hair and moustache black to make him look even more like Reeves’ hitman character.

The couple met on a dating app and are visiting Thailand before returning to Germany where they live, according to the country’s The Nation newspaper.

The German national said in the television interview that this was not the first time he had been mistaken for Reeves. His looks also made him a hit in his homeland where he was often invited to make appearances at public events.

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