Keanu Reeves produces ‘Female version of John Wick’

Keanu Reeves produces ‘Female version of John Wick’

While part 4 of the John Wick series is being developed by Lionsgate, the star of the series, Keanu Reeves, is also participating in the production of a John Wick spin-off called Ballerina.

 Seeing the success of  the John Wick franchise  , Lionsgate has focused on making a spin-off called Ballerina .  John Wick  was released in 2014. Part 3, released this year, has earned Lionsgate over $323 million at the global box office. Deadline reported that Lionsgate is producing two action films at the same time, John Wick 4 and Ballerina – a spin-off of the successful John Wick franchise and is being dubbed ” a female version of John Wick “. Len Wiseman, the director known for the action series Underworld, is taking the helm of this latest project .

Ballerina is about the revenge of a female assassin when her family was harmed. Continuing the spirit of the John Wick brand, Ballerina promises to continue to entertain the audience with high-dose action scenes. But what’s notable about this anticipated project is that Shay Hatten, screenwriter of John Wick 3, wrote the script.

In John Wick 3 there is a character named Ballerina - Photo: Lionsgate

The character named Ballerina was in  John Wick 3

Photo: Lionsgate

In John Wick 3 , the character named Ballerina is played by actress Unity Phelan. However, Deadline revealed that in the movie Ballerina , it is not necessarily true that the actress will continue to return to this role. The studio’s ambition is to create a standalone film about a female assassin and fit it into the John Wick story line.

It is unclear whether the character played by actor Keanu Reeves will appear in Ballerina or not - Photo: Lionsgate

It is unclear whether Keanu Reeves’ character will appear in Ballerina or not.

Photo: Lionsgate


According to Variety, the producers did not reveal much more information about the content of the movie Ballerina . Therefore, although participating in the production team of the movie Ballerina , it is unclear whether actor Keanu Reeves will appear in the movie or will be completely absent. Deadline also said that it is very likely that the actor born in 1964 will appear in a guest role.
Taking the theme of an assassin, the John Wick series tells the story of the character of the same name who, because he kills a famous figure in the gangster world, is hunted down and must fight continuously to keep his life and seek freedom.

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