Keanu Reeves sneaks out break time amid ‘Outcome’ reshoots

Keanu Reeves sneaks out break time amid ‘Outcome’ reshoots

The John Wick star was seen enjoying a cigarette and soda break amid shooting new film

Keanu Reeves took a brief break from his hectic schedule during reshoots for the upcoming film Outcome.

According to Daily Mail, the 59-year-old actor was spotted on the Los Angeles set of his latest dark comedy, enjoying a cigarette and a soda break.

The John Wick star looked relaxed in the photos obtained by the outlet, which featured him seated in a foldable chair with a lit cigarette in one hand and a can of soft drink by his side.

For the shooting day, the Canadian actor sported a casual look in a duo-tone tan jacket over a white T-shirt paired with jeans and suede boots.

The Matrix alum looks dashing in freshly combed locks and a neatly trimmed beard.

In some snapshots, he was seen accompanied by some friends on the sets with whom he chatted while flashing a bright smile before returning to showcase his acting chops in front of the camera once the film resumed rolling.

Outcome will follow the story of Reef, played by Reeves, who The Hollywood Reporter describes as “A damaged Hollywood star who must dive into the dark depths of his past to confront his demons and make amends after he is extorted with a mysterious video clip from his past.”

The upcoming movie, directed by Jonah Hill, stars Cameron Diaz and Matt Bomer in addition to Reeves.


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