Kylian Mbappe risks making Real Madrid debut wearing a mask

Kylian Mbappe risks making Real Madrid debut wearing a mask

Kylian Mbappe’s nose injury is much more complicated than expected and the striker even faces the risk of wearing a mask for the next few months.



Mbappe may have to wear a mask for a few more months

A nose injury in the opening match of EURO 2024 against Austria has caused Mbappe many problems. The player born in 1998 had to play with a protective mask in the past matches and this striker appeared extremely uncomfortable with this mask.

Mbappe’s France team had a hard-fought victory over Belgium in the round of 16. Kylian Mbappe will certainly have to play with a mask when he faces his idol Ronaldo in the EURO quarter-finals.


Kylian Mbappe risks making his Real Madrid debut wearing a mask 1


It is almost certain that the striker will have to wear a mask during training and matches until at least the end of this EURO (in case France reach the final match). If things do not go well, Mbappe will even make his Real Madrid debut with a mask on.



Coach Deschamps has acknowledged the possibility. He shared after the match against Belgium: “Kylian has gradually gotten used to playing with a mask, although sweat can still make him uncomfortable.

But Mbappe will have to get used to that protective accessory. Because he will have to wear it for at least a few more weeks. Or even, Mbappe may have to wear a mask for a period of time measured in months.”

Mbappe is expected to officially debut for Real Madrid after EURO 2024 ends. The Spanish team will have their first pre-season friendly on August 1 against AC Milan. If nothing changes, this will also be the day Mbappe plays his first match for his new team (and most likely with the same mask).


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