Kylie Kelce had hilarious reaction when asked to sign Jason Kelce jersey at 2024 New Heights Beer Bowl

Kylie Kelce had hilarious reaction when asked to sign Jason Kelce jersey at 2024 New Heights Beer Bowl


Kylie Kelce reacts to being asked to sign a Jason Kelce jersey.

Kylie Kelce, or as Jason affectionately calls her, Princess Kyana, was a big hit at the 2024 New Heights Beer Bowl in Sea Isle City, N.J. this past week.

The event raises money for the Eagles Autism Foundation, which Kylie is very involved in. And so she joined Jason, supporting the foundation and her husband throughout the two days.

On the first day, Kylie was signing autographs for some lucky fans and one threw her a No. 62 Eagles jersey. (For those that don’t know, that’s the number Jason wore during his long career in Philadelphia.

And Kylie couldn’t believe that someone asked her to sign it.

“You want me to sign this,” Kylie questioned the fan. “It’s gonna ruin it!”

Clearly she doesn’t understand how much Philly fans love her.

Kylie Kelce is the ultimate Eagles fan

While the Kelce brothers were filmed their latest episode of the New Heights podcast in London, Kylie tagged along. And she got to experience Passyunk Avenue, a Philadelphia inspired dive bar.

And when they were leaving, Kylie gave the manager the perfect parting gift.

“Our bar has a bit of a tradition,” JP Teti, a Philadelphia native and founder of Passyunk Avenue, told PEOPLE. “Everything you see on the walls has been donated by people over time, so it’s like a collection of other people’s junk that proudly hangs in our bar.”

“One thing that has happened over time is people will take American dollar bills and write messages in Sharpies and stick them all over the venue,” Teti added. “As Jason and Kylie were getting ready to leave, she was like, ‘Jason give me a bill, I want to write a message and leave it behind,’ and Jason said, ‘All I’ve got is a 100,’ so Jason takes out a 100 and she says, ‘Okay fine I’m writing on a 100 then, that’s what we’re doing.’ The message was, ‘F— Dallas, Go Birds and Go Cabrini,’ where she went to college.”

Kylie just couldn’t miss an opportunity to take a dig at the Dallas Cowboys.

“She insisted on standing on a chair and pinning it at the highest part of the venue herself and I just kept thinking, ‘Please don’t fall,” Passyunk Avenue manager Jessi Riley said. “She said, ‘If you’re worried about liability just look away!’”

And Riley’s reaction to meeting Kylie says everything: “She’s so cool, very down to earth.”

Kylie Kelce is a Fearless stan

While Travis Kelce couldn’t attend the New Heights 2024 Beer Bowl, Jason Kelce and his wife Kylie were there and ready for the weekend’s festivities. And the podcast’s social account posted a video of Kylie holding pitchers of beer and singing along to Taylor Swift’s song, Love Story.

The caption of the video couldn’t have been more perfect: “Sing it Ky!!!


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