‘Law and Order: SVU’ Fans Are Shocked By Mariska Hargitay’s Daring Vacation Photo

Mariska Hargitay is relishing her break from filming Law and Order: SVU, showcasing shades of her character Olivia Benson even in real life. During the early days of summer, she jetted off to Italy with her husband Peter Hermann, keeping her fans in the loop with captivating Instagram posts. In one photo, she fearlessly stood on a jet ski as it zoomed past a cliff in the Mediterranean Sea, proving her aquatic prowess with a beaming smile. Her caption reflected her joy, calling the sea her happy place and using hashtags like “sea lover” and “sea life.

Fans of Law and Order: SVU were captivated by Mariska’s European escapade, with many commending her adventurous spirit. The comments section was flooded with praise, with one person marveling at her skills and another finding the scenery breathtaking. Though Mariska didn’t disclose the photographer, it’s likely her husband behind the lens, given his knack for capturing stunning moments during their travels.

While some followers were apprehensive about her safety, most were simply delighted to witness Mariska embracing the freedom of being away from the small screen. Here’s to hoping for more thrilling adventures from Mariska in the days ahead!

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