‘Law & Order: SVU’: Danny Pino Weighs In On Whether We’ll See More Of Nick Amaro After 600th Episode

‘Law & Order: SVU’: Danny Pino Weighs In On Whether We’ll See More Of Nick Amaro After 600th Episode


Law & Order: SVU fans are in for a treat as the series celebrates its landmark 600th episode by bringing back some beloved characters, including the charismatic Detective Nick Amaro, portrayed by Danny Pino.

A Special Return to the 16th Precinct

After leaving the NYPD at the end of season 16, Amaro’s unexpected comeback to the squad room in SVU’s 600th episode stirs up intrigue. Seeking assistance from his former colleague, Captain Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay), Amaro reopens a haunting case involving a convicted teenager, alongside crime writer Burton Lowe (Aidan Quinn), who shares history with Benson.

Reflecting on Danny Pino’s Departure

Danny Pino first joined SVU in season 13, stepping into the role of Benson’s partner following Elliot Stabler’s departure. Known for his dedicated yet complex portrayal of Amaro, Pino’s exit from the show in season 16 marked a pivotal moment. Showrunner Warren Leight explained that it was a mutual decision between Pino and the production team to conclude Amaro’s storyline.

Amaro’s Journey Beyond NYPD

Since leaving New York, Amaro has embarked on a new career path in genetics and forensic science, delving into cold cases. This evolution brings him full circle back to SVU, underscoring his unwavering commitment to justice despite leaving the force.

The Future of Nick Amaro

As fans eagerly anticipate Amaro’s return in the 600th episode, speculation mounts about his potential long-term presence on the show. In an interview, Pino remained open to the idea of future appearances, emphasizing the show’s continued success and his gratitude to reconnect with fans who have clamored for Amaro’s return.

“I’ve learned in this business never to say never,” Pino remarked, hinting at the possibility of Amaro rejoining SVU in some capacity. With the series thriving and his character’s storyline far from over, Amaro’s comeback promises to deliver both nostalgia and new twists for viewers.

As Law & Order: SVU enters its next chapter, Danny Pino’s return as Nick Amaro in the 600th episode serves as a testament to the enduring legacy and magnetic appeal of one of television’s longest-running dramas.


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