‘Law & Order: SVU’: Danny Pino’s Return As Amaro Came With A Clever Quip To The Actor’s Past

‘Law & Order: SVU’: Danny Pino’s Return As Amaro Came With A Clever Quip To The Actor’s Past


Some actors are effortlessly typecast based on their distinctive appearance, often finding themselves repeatedly cast in similar roles throughout their careers. Danny Pino is one such actor whose unmistakable look has frequently landed him roles as dedicated detectives on television dramas.

Pino gained prominence as Detective Nick Amaro on NBC’s long-running series Law & Order: SVU. His portrayal of Amaro, a character deeply committed to helping victims despite his tumultuous personal life, resonated strongly with fans. Amaro, who joined the SVU squad following the departure of veteran Detective Elliot Stabler, was a pivotal character in the series.

Before his stint on SVU, Pino had already made a mark playing another detective, Detective Valens, on the hit show Cold Case for seven years. His experience in portraying law enforcement roles gave him a solid foundation when he joined SVU in 2011, shortly after Cold Case ended in 2010.

While many actors on Law & Order: SVU have enjoyed lengthy tenures, Pino’s time on the show spanned four years. His departure might have been influenced by a desire to explore different types of roles beyond the detective archetype he had become known for. This versatility was evident when he later took on the role of Miguel Galindo in Mayans M.C., a character diametrically opposite to his previous law-abiding roles. In Mayans M.C., Pino portrays a villainous character deeply involved in organized crime, a departure from his previous portrayals of law enforcement officers.

Pino’s return to Law & Order: SVU for the show’s 500th episode was warmly received by fans, particularly for its nostalgic reference to his earlier role as Detective Valens on Cold Case. The storyline of Amaro investigating cold cases resonated with viewers, showcasing Pino’s ability to connect his current and past roles in a meaningful way.

In a recent interview with ET, Pino expressed openness to future opportunities in showbiz while indicating that a full-time return to Law & Order: SVU isn’t currently in his plans. His focus remains on his current role in Mayans M.C., where he continues to explore new dimensions in his acting career.

Overall, Danny Pino’s career trajectory highlights his versatility and ability to captivate audiences across different genres and roles, from dedicated detectives to complex antagonists, showcasing his enduring impact in television drama.


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