Law & Order SVU delayed: Season 23 taken off air in schedule shake-up

LAW AND ORDER SVU fans were left disappointed this week as there was a schedule shake-up on NBC which meant season 23 didn’t return to its usual Thursday night time slot.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Law and Order SVU.

Law and Order SVU was last seen on Thursday, November 11, on NBC for its eighth episode.

The instalment entitled Nightmares in Drill City where a group of 17-year-olds were led to a rival’s hideout under the “guise of a hookup text”.

But the drama didn’t return to NBC as expected on Thursday, November 18 for episode nine.

Fans were left even more confused by the schedule as another week has now gone by without Law and Order SVU.

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Law and Order SVU: season 23 schedule shake-up nbc

Law and Order SVU: Why is the legal drama not on? (Image: NBC)

Law and Order SVU: season 23 return elliot stabler

Law and Order SVU: Season 23 saw the return of Elliot Stabler. (Image: NBC
Law and Order SVU: return date season 23 nbc
Law and Order SVU: season 23 missing nbcThe reason behind no new instalment airing on November 25 is because it is the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

This typically results in a change in scheduling and this year was no different.

Law and Order SVU won’t be back next week either as Annie Live!, a musical extravaganza, will be airing instead.

However, this will mark the end of the three-week wait for the long-running drama.

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