‘Law & Order: SVU’: Jamie Gray Hyder Reveals An ‘Inspiring Experience’ Involving Mariska Hargitay

‘Law & Order: SVU’: Jamie Gray Hyder Reveals An ‘Inspiring Experience’ Involving Mariska Hargitay


As the highly anticipated 22nd season of Law & Order: SVU approaches, it’s the perfect moment to reflect on some of the series’ unique moments. Jamie Gray Hyder, who first appeared in the premiere of season 21, has quickly become an integral part of the squad. She plays Officer Katriona “Kat” Azar Tamin, adding a fresh dynamic to the unit.

On November 8, 2020, Hyder shared insights on the official SVU Instagram during a USA Network marathon of season 21. In a series of Instagram Story posts, she discussed her experiences from the previous season, including a particularly inspiring one involving Mariska Hargitay, who portrays Captain Olivia Benson. Hargitay has been with the series from the start, evolving from detective to captain, embodying the relentless pursuit of justice.

But Hargitay’s talents extend beyond acting; she’s also a skilled director. According to IMDb, she has directed seven episodes of SVU, with her most recent being episode 11 of season 21, “She Paints for Vengeance.” Hyder describes working with Hargitay as a director as an “inspiring experience.”

“So episode 11, ‘She Paints for Vengeance’ was a really unique experience because Mariska actually directed that episode,” Hyder reveals. “So, in addition to working with her on-screen, she was also leading the charge off-screen, which was a really unique and inspiring experience.”

Hyder elaborates on the challenges of directing, emphasizing the enormous workload it entails. She expresses her confidence in Hargitay’s abilities, knowing that the show was in capable hands.

“Directing even just one episode of television is so much work, and as an actor, you feel like you have so much that you have to pay attention to and worry about,” Hyder continues. “Let alone the amount of details you’re responsible for when you’re directing. So, watching her kind of step behind the lens, and knowing that there’s no one in the world who understands the show as well as she does, I knew that we were in good hands. So, working with her on a different page sort of was really, really interesting and inspiring.”

In February 2020, Hargitay shared a heartfelt photo with Hyder on Instagram. The picture shows the two of them embracing and playfully blowing kisses in the air, their eyes closed in a tender moment. Hargitay’s caption reflects her protective and nurturing role on set, using the hashtag #MamaBearBenson.

“Teaching the little one how it’s done #InTheTrenches #MamaBearBenson #NewCubInTown #CaptainAndKat #LivLaughLove #LivKatLove #StickWithMe #YoungGrasshopper #SVU21,” Hargitay captioned the post. Hyder responded with a comment: “Learning from the best 🙌🏼💕✨.”

Fans eagerly await more of Hargitay and Hyder’s on-screen chemistry as SVU returns for its 22nd season on Thursday, November 12, at 9 p.m. E.S.T. With each new season, SVU continues to create memorable moments, and viewers are excited to see what season 22 will bring.


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