‘Law & Order: SVU’: Mariska Hargitay Posts An Image In Honor Of ‘Powerful’ Episode’s Director

‘Law & Order: SVU’: Mariska Hargitay Posts An Image In Honor Of ‘Powerful’ Episode’s Director


f you’ve seen the latest episode of “Law & Order: SVU,” you’ll understand why it was both shocking and deeply saddening. The record-breaking season continues to push boundaries, tackling subjects others shy away from. Here’s how Mariska Hargitay paid tribute to the director of episode 12 for creating a profoundly moving episode. Spoilers ahead for season 21, episode 12 of SVU.

This week’s episode was particularly heart-wrenching and difficult for some viewers to watch. It centered on raising awareness about suicide, specifically within law enforcement and among survivors of sexual assault. Olivia Benson (Hargitay) experienced a devastating loss that struck close to home.

Benson’s former boyfriend, Ed Tucker (John Burke), played a significant role in the episode. It began at Tucker’s retirement party, where he seemed ready to start a new life after leaving internal affairs.

However, the mood shifted dramatically when former officer Rachel Wilson (Holly Robinson Peete) arrived, accusing Tucker of ignoring her rape report. Tragically, Wilson then went out to her car and took her own life. Sadly, this wasn’t the only suicide. Kat Azar’s (Jamie Gray Hyder) former sergeant also ended his life after they questioned him about the case.

Tucker later confided in Benson that he was dying of brain cancer and had little time left. The episode concluded on an even more tragic note when Tucker, too, took his own life. Benson was left visibly shaken, struggling to cope with the loss of someone she had once been so close to.

Although the SVU detectives eventually arrested Gary Wald (Michael Gaston) for his assault on Wilson, the emotional toll was immense. The episode was undeniably powerful.

Titled “The Longest Night of Rain,” this episode left viewers grappling with intense emotions. Hargitay took to social media to share an image of herself with the episode’s director, Michael Smith. “Congratulations to #Director Mike Smith for his powerful #SVU21 episode last night. Well done. #TheLongestNightOfRain #UntilTheNextOne,” Hargitay captioned the photo.

Many fans commented to share their reactions to the emotional episode, with numerous people admitting they cried while watching.

“This episode was amazing. I cried so hard. Love you both ♥️,” one Instagram user commented.

Some viewers were still processing their feelings. “I have not recovered from last night’s episode… for reals 😢,” another user wrote.

“I cried so much🤦‍♀️ I love your work❤️,” someone else said.

One user described the episode as “perfect.” “Very powerful and emotional. But great, perfect work. Well done. 👍❤,” they expressed.

Another fan lamented the constant emotional turmoil Benson faces. “Liv can never catch an emotional break😫,” an Instagram user noted.

“This episode shattered my heart into a billion tiny pieces.💔 The writing, the acting, and the directing were exceptional,” another person shared.

SVU continues to deliver emotional depth this season, leaving a lasting impact on its viewers.


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