‘Law & Order: SVU’s Michelle Hurd Explains Why Audiences Love Procedurals

Procedural TV shows remain incredibly popular, captivating large audiences with their blend of mystery, drama, and resolution. These series typically follow a consistent format where each episode introduces a new case that is resolved by the end, providing a satisfying sense of closure. The predictability of their structure may be one key to their success, offering viewers the comfort of knowing what to expect. At the recent Calgary Expo, Michelle Hurd, best known for her role in Star Trek: Picard, talked about why procedural dramas are so popular.

The discussion was led by Collider’s Maggie Lovitt, where Hurd shared her experiences and views on these types of TV shows. Hurd has a long history with procedural dramas, with roles in Law & Order: SVU and Hawaii Five-0. These shows often involve police or legal drama, where each episode solves a new case. Hurd’s roles have helped her understand why audiences keep coming back to these series.

During her talk with Lovitt, Hurd praised Dick Wolf, the creator of Law & Order, calling him a “genius” for making shows that are easy to follow. She pointed out how these shows often have a set pattern that tells viewers exactly what to expect, which makes them comforting to watch. “There’s a placard before each scene literally telling us what we’re about to see,” Hurd explained, illustrating how the predictability is part of the appeal.

Hurd believes that the predictable structure of procedurals, where viewers can expect a crime, investigation, and resolution, offers a sense of comfort. “You could literally sit down and have your dinner in front of Law & Order [or] SVU because you know what to expect. He knew that the fact he can do so many crossovers makes it really exciting for us because we’re like ‘this one is gonna go there’ and we all know what’s coming around. Dick tapping into that was really smart,” she said, highlighting how this familiarity is reassuring to viewers.

Who Did Michelle Hurd Play in ‘Law & Order’?

Michelle Hurd and Richard Belzer in a promo image for Law and Order: SVUHurd portrayed Detective Monique Jeffries in the early seasons of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. She was an integral part of the show’s initial ensemble cast, appearing regularly throughout the first season and into the second season before transitioning into a recurring role. Detective Jeffries was a key member of the SVU team, known for her insightful investigative skills and strong rapport with her colleagues. Hurd’s character was often involved in tackling the challenging cases that are a hallmark of the series, contributing significantly to the gritty, realistic portrayal of law enforcement depicted on the show.

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