Leading by Silence: How Jason Kelce and Lane Johnson’s Dominance Uplifts the Entire Eagles Offense

Leading by Silence: How Jason Kelce and Lane Johnson’s Dominance Uplifts the Entire Eagles Offense

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Unveiling How Jason Kelce and Lane Johnson Propel the Eagles’ Offensive Triumph

The  Philadelphia Eagles have long been known for their hard-nosed, physical style of play on both sides of the ball. However, in recent seasons it has been the team’s explosive offense that has captured headlines and helped deliver championship glory. At the heart of this offensive prowess are two veteran offensive linemen who have become cornerstones of the unit – center Jason Kelce and right tackle Lane Johnson. This dynamic duo up front has been instrumental in powering the Eagles to offensive dominance. Let’s take a deeper look at how Kelce and Johnson contribute to the team’s offensive triumphs.

Anchoring the Line

As the center of the Eagles’ offensive line, Jason Kelce is tasked with being the anchor and leader of the entire unit. At just 6 feet tall and 300 pounds, Kelce is not the biggest or most physically imposing player. However, what he lacks in size he more than makes up for with his intelligence, awareness, and tenacity. Kelce is responsible for calling out blocking assignments and protections at the line of scrimmage based on the defense’s pre-snap look. He must quickly diagnose blitzes and stunts to ensure every lineman is accounted for. Making these calls and adjustments on the fly requires a high football IQ that Kelce has in spades.


Beyond his mental processing, Kelce is a technician with his blocking. He utilizes excellent footwork and leverage to consistently win battles against bigger nose tackles and dominate in the trenches. Kelce’s scrappy, never-say-die playing style sets the tone for the whole offensive line. Behind Kelce at center, the guards and tackles can focus on their individual assignments confident that he has the middle of the line under control. His leadership as the signal caller up front is invaluable in keeping everything organized and directing plays.

On the opposite side of the line, Lane Johnson is the rock at right tackle. At 6 foot 6 inches and over 300 pounds, Johnson uses his long arms and powerful base to overwhelm defenders. He excels at both run and pass blocking, giving the Eagles versatility on either side of the ball. In the passing game, Johnson is a brick wall who rarely lets his man get past him. He can effectively neutralize even the quickest edge rushers, giving quarterback Jalen Hurts ample time to throw. Johnson’s blocking allows the Eagles to unleash deep passing plays downfield.

In the running game, Johnson is a road grader who drives defenders backwards with ease. His physicality at the point of attack creates huge running lanes that running backs Miles Sanders and Boston Scott exploit for big gains. Johnson’s blocking springs outside runs around the edge as well as inside zones through the tackles. With Johnson controlling the edge, the Eagles are able to establish a powerful ground attack. His consistency in the trenches is a major reason the Eagles offense succeeds on the ground as well as through the air.

Elite Talent

The dominance of Kelce and Johnson is evidenced by the honors and accolades they continue to receive on an annual basis. Both players have been selected to the Pro Bowl multiple times, recognizing them among the best at their positions in the entire NFL. Even more impressively, Kelce and Johnson have each earned first-team All-Pro selections, a distinction reserved for only the very top players at each spot.

Kelce has now racked up four career Pro Bowl nods and three first-team All-Pro honors since entering the league in 2011. His sustained excellence year after year separating him as perhaps the finest center in football today. Meanwhile, Johnson has broken out as one of the NFL’s premier right tackles, earning three Pro Bowl trips and two first-team All-Pro selections since being drafted in 2013. Their consistency at the highest level is a true testament to their talent and work ethic.

Beyond their individual accolades, Kelce and Johnson propel those around them to greater heights. Offensive line play is inherently dependent on cohesion as a unit. With two perennial All-Pros anchoring the middle and edge, it allows the guards and other tackles to focus solely on executing their assignments rather than worrying about covering for a weak link. The Eagles’ entire offensive line benefits from having Kelce and Johnson there to dominate their gaps play after play. This elevates the unit as a whole to perform at an elite level together.


While talent and physical gifts are crucial for NFL linemen, intangible qualities like leadership and championship mentality can be just as important. Kelce and Johnson bring invaluable assets in these areas that have helped carry the Eagles to the pinnacle of success. After a dominant 2017 season, the Eagles broke through for their first ever Super Bowl title in 2018. Kelce and Johnson were instrumental cogs in that championship run and victory over the New England Patriots.

Their experience from that magical season has instilled a winning mindset throughout the entire Eagles locker room. Both veterans make it clear that anything less than a title is unacceptable. This championship DNA rubs off on younger players still seeking their first ring. Kelce and Johnson lead by example both on and off the field, setting the standard for what it takes to succeed at the highest level. Their tireless work ethic and attention to detail are traits that have become ingrained in the Eagles’ culture.

While Kelce’s boisterous personality and fiery passion on the field make him a fan favorite, Johnson has emerged as more of a quiet leader. He lets his dominant play do most of the talking. However, Johnson’s even-keeled demeanor and laser focus have earned him the respect of coaches and teammates. Both veterans have forged an unbreakable bond with  Philadelphia fans as well. The city has fully embraced these blue-collar, gritty linemen who embody everything Eagles football is about. Their connection to the community provides an extra boost of energy on gamedays at Lincoln Financial Field.

In Conclusion

From their talent and accolades to their championship mentality and leadership, Jason Kelce and Lane Johnson are the cornerstones upon which the  Philadelphia Eagles have built one of the NFL’s most potent offenses. As the anchor and signal caller on the interior, Kelce stabilizes the entire unit with his intelligence and tenacity. Meanwhile, Johnson serves as a people-moving bulldozer on the edge, controlling his man with consistency. Together, they form a formidable duo that creates opportunities for the Eagles’ skill position players to thrive.

As long as Kelce and Johnson hold down the fort up front,  Philadelphia’s offense will remain a formidable force. Their dominance, experience, and championship DNA continue propelling the Eagles to new heights of success. While individual stars come and go, the steady presence of these two titans on the offensive line is a major reason for the franchise’s sustained excellence in recent seasons. Eagles fans can rest assured that with Kelce and Johnson paving the way, many more offensive triumphs are on the horizon.

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