LeBron James Steps Out in Massive Walking Boot for Lakers Game, Season In Jeopardy

One accessory that certainly does not sit well with Laker supporters is a massive walking brace on LeBron James’ right leg, which could indicate that his season is nearing its conclusion.

Tuesday night in Los Angeles’s contest against Memphis, the King donned the enormous foot protector, precisely two days after suffering his initial lower leg ιnjury while playing for the Dallas Mavericks.

James navigated the Tennessee arena in street clothes while clumsily supported by a brace. This development was a Ԁire omen for the Lakers, who must win the majority of their remaining 20 games in order to secure a berth in the playoffs the following month.


To make circumstances worse for LeBron James’ Los Angeles squad, the Lakers fell to Ja Morant and the Grizzlies, 121-109, without their star player.

Particularly uncertain is whether or not LeBron James can return to the team at any juncture during this season; he has been reportedly sidelined for a minimum of two weeks to enable his foot to heal.

Furthermore, if the team fails to qualify for the postseason within that critical 14-day period, reports indicate that he may be retired prior to the 2023-24 season.


James expressed his displeasure on Monday night via Instagram, where he posted a photo of his injured leg accompanied by the caption “Fkn sucks!!!!”

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