Lionel Messi and Adidas Launch Inter Miami Inspired Sambas

Messi Rocks His Latest Adidas Collaboration of Inter Miami-Inspired Sambas Against St. Louis

Lionel Messi and Adidas Launch Inter Miami Inspired Sambas

Luis Suárez #9 And Lionel Messi #10 Of Inter Miami / Megan Briggs / Getty Images North America / Getty Images Via Afp

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If you are an Inter Miami supporter, these feel like a must-purchase…

It is not often that the latest soccer news has me craving pink shoes, but here we are. Lionel Messi is using his pull at Adidas for some sweet new Sambas in the Inter Miami colorway.

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There are two options for you to cop: pink or black. The pink version matches the Inter Miami splashy kits with the three stripes painted black. The shoes still look like the iconic Sambas just, well, brighter.

What do you think? Can a Florida man pull off bright pink shoes? I might be inclined to go with the more standard black with pink accents.

If you are an Inter Miami supporter, these feel like a must-purchase. Let us know what you think, whether this is a cop or if you’re passing on Messi’s new kicks.

Messi Also Has Signature Argentina Sambas

Over the weekend, I saw the Argentina version of Messi’s Sambas. They are a sight to behold.

The kicks are white with baby blue stripes to match Argentina’s kits and navy blue accents. Perhaps most notable is the gold heel in honor of Argentina’s World Cup win. Messi is written on the side of the shoe.

This is more my style, but what do I know? I am just a washed journalist. I know that all these new Samba colorways are adding to Messi’s net worth. As if Messi’s career stats were not enough, now the superstar is making it in the shoe biz.

Did Beckham Pick Inter Miami’s Signature Pink?

On another note, I was watching “Beckham” on Netflix, the docu-series about the star’s career. Owner David Beckham prompted some soccer rumors by taking credit for Inter Miami’s signature pink, everything from the stands to the nets.

What do you think? Are we buying Becks as the fashionista who hand-picked the pink? Beckham has always been pretty stylish dating back to his Real Madrid days, so I can see it. The pink gives off South Florida vibes.

Now, those vibes can be found on your feet just in time for summer. What a time to be alive.

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