Lionel Messi explains how he deals with opponents ‘b*thcing at you’ for Inter Miami as Argentine legend reveals he ‘gets hot’ during MLS action

Inter Miami star Lionel Messi has explained how he deals with opposition players “b*tching and fighting” with him during Major League Soccer games.

Lionel Messi Inter Miami 2024


Since Messi joined Inter Miami from Paris Saint-Germain last summer, there has been a target on the Argentinian legend’s back. Opponents want to be the player that got under the 36-year-old’s skin or got the better of him on the pitch. That has led to some confrontations but the former Barcelona star has now spoken about how he tries to keep calm in the heat of battle.



The Argentine said, via InfoBae: “There are moments when you obviously get hot and react in the way you can. There are moments that you don’t control. The heart rate is so high. We all want to win and we try to do our best for that, so you react as best you can But being hotter or less hot has no influence on the game. I think it doesn’t change what I do. But hey, I always say that everything that happens on the field stays there. Anything can happen, b*tching at you, fighting with you, it has to stop there and end and it can happen.”


Messi has been outstanding for Inter Miami, but also the MLS as well. He led the Herons to their first-ever trophy with the Leagues Cup triumph and now they sit top of the Eastern Conference, whereas a year ago they were languishing at the bottom of the table. Attendances, revenues, and eyeballs are up in MLS off the back of his arrival and it seems he is still a force to be reckoned with.

Lionel Messi Inter Miami 2024



Messi has now joined up with the Argentina squad ahead of Copa America. The legendary forward will be looking to lead his side to continental glory, though he will be missing a string of MLS fixtures over the coming weeks.


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