Lionel Messi says Neymar may transfer to Inter Miami

Lionel Messi says Neymar may transfer to Inter Miami
Lionel Messi talks about a MSN reunion at Inter Miami. — Reuters/File

One year has passed since Lionel Messi made his signing announcement for Inter Miami, which was a game-changing event for both American soccer and Major League Soccer.

Within weeks, Luis Suárez joined the club before the 2024 season, followed by another two Barcelona colleagues, Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba.

In recent weeks, there has been discussion of Ángel Di María, another player with close ties to Messi, moving to Miami, Bolavip reported.

Following such reports, the latest name rumoured to make the move is Neymar Jr, the Brazilian footballer who was part of Barcelona’s legendary “MSN” strikeforce alongside Messi and Suárez.

In an interview with Infobae, Messi was asked about the prospect of Neymar moving to Inter Miami to reunite the superstar trio.

In response, he said: “No, I don’t know. The truth is that now it is difficult; he is in Arabia, and he has one year left on his contract, I think. He had a difficult year now, where he was injured for a long time, which also left him out of the Copa America, where he could not play most of the matches in Arabia.”

The Argentine player continued: “Afterwards, I don’t know, the truth is that life has so many twists and turns that anything can happen, but I don’t think so today.”

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